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Breaking Forth: A Release into Your Kairos Season by Dr. Angela M. Rucker

International minister Angela Marie Rucker, Th.D., Ph.D., D.D., recently published her motivational guidebook “Breaking Forth: A Release into Your Kairos Season” to help readers, who may feel lost, find themselves and activate their power within. Rucker focuses on a change of mindset that is necessary to be liberated from mediocrity and the acceptance of a substandard life. The author reveals to readers the importance of maximizing their ‘Kairos Season,’ which is when time intersects with divine opportunities to accommodate divine purpose.

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Empower Yourself for an Amazing Career by Blanca De La Rosa

“Empower Yourself for an Amazing Career” by Blanca De La Rosa is an insightful business advice book that encourages readers to climb the corporate ladder, no matter their economic or cultural background. With her inner wisdom and spirituality paired with practical, timeless tips on professionalism, De La Rosa utilizes her seasoned business expertise to inspire business professionals to not only land a corporate position but grow and thrive in their career. This book is a companion to her book, “Pursuing a Better Tomorrow,” that highlights the author’s personal transition from the New York projects and into a corporate career.

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Where Tigers Flew by Rebecca Kaye

“Where Tigers Flew” by Rebecca Kaye is an intense memoir that follows the author’s troubles as a young Eurasian girl (English-Chinese) growing up in China under Japanese occupation during World War II. Kaye discusses various struggles she faced such as: discrimination from both eastern and western cultures (since she was of a mixed heritage), a fight for survival, taking care of her siblings and escaping Japanese soldiers who invaded her home.

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From Sudden Death to Paradise by T.S. Dismas

T.S. Dismas served in the Military Police Corps until his honorable discharge due to disabilities he sustained while serving his country. Dismas’ disabilities led to a rare autoimmune disease and then to a heart attack and life-threatening heart failure. In his moving memoir, “From Sudden Death to Paradise: The Story of a Near-Death Experience,” Dismas shares his medical journey, the complications his heart endured and his visit to Heaven after his heart stopped for ten minutes. Since his near-death experience, Dismas has found peace, a closer relationship with God and meaning in life knowing that God has a plan for everyone. Dismas’ powerful, detailed recount of Heaven in “From Sudden Death to Paradise” illustrates the beauty of the afterlife and the unconditional love God has for everyone.

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Trust: Understanding My Why by Deb Richard

“Trust: Understanding My Why” by Deb Richard is Richard’s inspirational life story from competing in the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) and earning six titles to overcoming personal hurdles that redefined who she is as leader and as an individual. Readers will see Richard’s finding of her strengths, purpose and values in life by sharing her relationships and the experiences she has gone through.

Bruised Purple Hearts by Jerry C. Blanton

“Bruised Purple Hearts: Ghosts of the USA” by Jerry C. Blanton is a historical tale illustrating what it was like to live through chaotic times in the 1960s and 1970s that include the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War, and the rise of feminism, equal rights, the gay liberation movement, music and more. Blanton shares a different perspective expressing how hard the war was on the baby boomer generation and how everyone was suffering in different ways.

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Love Your Body Love Your Life by Jenna Lisa Lobos

“Love Your Body Love Your Life: 52 Tips That Will Radically Improve Your Health” by Jenna Lisa Lobos as an expansive self-help book that establishes a road map for readers to find confidence in their own skin. With tips to take care of their inner body (physically, emotionally and spiritually), this book helps transform readers from the inside to change how they face the world outwardly. She discusses a wide range of topics from changing the way you consume food and liquids to connecting with your inner child. Lobos also provides personal insight about how she was able to transform her own life– which gives the reader proof that these tips are effective. She also includes her personal beauty ritual– which is a daily practice that readers can easily follow. It is broken down into “morning,” “during the day” and “evening” practices.

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Hemingway’s Retreat by J. Michael Moriarty

“Hemingway’s Retreat: To Ireland” by J. Michael Moriarty is an imaginative exploration of Ernest Hemingway’s second chance of life after faking his own death on July 2, 1961. In the book, J. Michael illustrates the transformation of Hemingway into Irish man Matt Fitzgerald. Throughout his new journey, Fitzgerald (Hemingway), learns more about his Irish roots while meeting important people and seeing historical landmarks.

Dandelion and Roses by Parand Alavi

“Dandelions and Roses: A Contemporary Persian Romance” by Parand Alavi is an imaginative story with real life influences that illustrates the devasting tragedies of living through the horrendous uprising in Iraq. Alavi introduces a highly respected Kurdish family of low income that go through brutal circumstances that eventually causes them to seek safety. Readers will get a glimpse into the eternal love a mother has for her children portrayed by heroic Ameneh and a devastating act of violence and difficult cultural transition depicted through Ameneh’s daughter, Rozhan, that leads her to a romance of a lifetime.

From Fear to Gratitude by Glenn Cossarr

Life and business coach Glenn Cossar has published his most recent self-help book: “From Fear to Gratitude: Affirmations to Build a Positive Future and Eliminate Those Negative Thoughts.” Developed for readers who want to work on personal development, such as improving their lives and overcoming loneliness and isolation, “From Fear to Gratitude” presents easy to follow steps for readers to reach a state of gratitude. By believing in themselves, planning to act and carrying out these actions, readers will feel empowered and begin making the necessary changes in their lives.

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Skills that Pills Can’t Give You by Judy Cook

“Skills That Pills Can’t Give You” by Judy Cook, MD is an insightful guidebook about holistically healing mental disease rather than using medication to temporarily fix the issue. The author is a retired psychiatrist who has seen, throughout her career, an increase in prescribing drugs rather than therapy and an increase in overdosages and mental issues. She believes that there are better ways to heal mental disease than through prescription drug use and that prescription drugs can be used sparingly.

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