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Message in a Shell, by Ghazi Kaddouh

“Message in a Shell” by Ghazi Kaddouh is a compelling thriller novel that follows Sami Badroni, a friend and smuggling partner for a high-ranking Palestine Liberation Organization official in Beirut, during the civil war in Lebanon. After saving a woman from the grasps of his friend’s number one competitor named Murad, Sami finds himself with a huge target on his back. Murad and his team implicate him for the murder of two Mossad agents. Sami must clear his name and finds himself fleeing his homeland. During all of this, Sami falls in love with a woman named Lena. He later finds out that she was hired by Murad’s associates as a spy. Sami finds himself both betrayed and heartbroken by the actions of Lena; however, in the end, she secretly is the force that helps him flee the claws of Murad and is the mother of his child. Inspired by real-life events that the author has witnessed, this novel illustrates the death, destruction and divide caused by the war.

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Your Personal Guidance System, by Joan Spencer

“Your Personal Guidance System: Unlock the Door to the Universe and Experience the Magic” by Joan Spencer is an enlightening guidebook designed to help readers discover their deeper purpose and the incredible beauty of life. Spencer describes a human’s ‘personal guidance system’ and identifies elements of the human experience that serve as the guidance system’s messages, including feelings, conversations, passages in books and dreams. The author includes anecdotes that display personal examples of how her guidance system has led her in life (such as her move to Arizona and the miracles that followed her after the move) and introspective questions, so readers can begin to think about how their guidance system may have tried to lead them in their own lives. Spencer also provides methods and techniques for readers to build a deeper connection with their guidance system, including developing vision boards and learning to listen to opportunities that present themselves from the universe. Overall, this book is designed to encourage readers to listen to their souls’ wishes and find their true destinies on Earth.

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Burning Desire, by M.L. Stark

Author M. L. Stark, through a fictionalized account of her personal life, tells her story of abuse while dating a psychopathic man in “Burning Desire: The Psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes Part I.” This book is the first in an adult fiction series that raises awareness of the intense, destructive nature of a relationship with a psychopathic man.
“Burning Desire” follows the main charter, Mary, and her toxic relationship with a man named Drake. Mary, who was in an unfulfilling marriage with an unfaithful man, fell prey to the allure of Drake, who was her doctor. Utilizing his role as Mary’s doctor to his own perverse advantage, Drake made his way into Mary’s psyche and wielded power and fear to attract her. This novel showcases how Drake, a psychopathic man, manipulates Mary for money and to maintain a sense of power over a vulnerable human being.
Stark wishes to share tell-tale signs of a toxic relationship so that women can learn to identify psychopathic and manipulative behavior and take the necessary precautions during courtship to protect themselves. This book can also help male readers, who are in relationships with women who have dated a psychopathic man, understand their partner and treat them with the love, respect and patience that they need. With “Burning Desire,” Stark hopes to reach both women and men who are navigating romantic relationships and encourage them to find healthy, supportive relationships with one another.

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Life After… The Day I Died, by Pamela Neuberth

“Life After. . . The Day I Died” by Pamela Neuberth is an uplifting memoir that shares a woman’s journey to Heaven. Neuberth, who was provided with the ultimate second chance at life, visited Heaven after getting hit by a car at twelve years old. She details what Heaven was like during her Near-Death Experience (NDE). Throughout this book, Neuberth details God’s role in her life. By affirming the afterlife, Neuberth provides encouragement and motivation for people to live purposeful and meaningful lives. Also, in her book, she discusses her beloved daughter, Heather. Neuberth dedicated “Life After. . . The Day I Died” to Heather’s memory.

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STABLE: The Keys to Heaven on Earth, by April Michelle Lewis

STABLE: The Keys to Heaven on Earth offers a new and different message as religious barriers are broken down. STABLE is defined by author April Michelle Lewis as Sound, Thought, Always Believe, Life of Excellence—truly the keys to experiencing heaven on earth.

For thousands of years, humankind has envisioned a peaceful world. Peace can be obtained. It is not impossible and is, in fact, well within our reach. Various scientific studies support the existence and the true nature of God and heaven. When these discoveries are applied to our lives, it launches us all toward an existence that God has intended for us here on earth.

“…heartfelt book …involving, and passionate …her account of her own personal journey from confusion to the clarity of her STABLE philosophy has a powerfully persuasive narrative quality …enthusiastically conceived and readable breakdown of principles for embracing an upright …life.”

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1947: The Greys’ Odyssey to Earth, by Gus V.

“1947: The Greys’ Odyssey to Earth” by Gus V. is a futuristic science fiction novel set in the year 2065. The book chronicles an advanced, peaceful race called the “Greys” and their journey to Earth. The Greys, after venturing to various planets in the universe, wish to find an alliance with humans on planet Earth. The end of this thrilling book reveals how this trip impacts the fate of the Greys and humankind forever.

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Wonderfully Weird, by Drake Hunter

“Wonderfully Weird: Seven Strange Ways to Define a Life of Wonder” by Drake Hunter is a spiritual guidebook designed to help readers break free from their mundane daily routines and step into their God-given destiny. Hunter explains how a person’s destiny falls under one of four categories, which is their potential divine image. Hunter developed the “Wonderfully Weird Assessment” based upon research from Dr. David Keirsey, Dr. Stephen Montgomery, the author’s dear personal friend, Dr. Ray Lincoln, and others, to help readers determine if they fall into one of four divine image categories: Lion, Man, Ox and Eagle. Throughout the book, Hunter explains how these divine images correlate to the reader’s destiny set forth by God and how, based on what archetype they fall under, they can live a full, exciting life that was meant for them. He provides personal examples as well as examples from the Bible (such as each of the Four Evangelists falling under the four divine image types) to establish a real-life demonstration of individuals that represent each archetype.

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Break Open Your Box, by Matthew M. Plank

Christian author Matthew Plank wrote his book, “Break Open Your Box: Piecing Your Life Together for a Time Such as This.” Utilizing his own life experiences and Biblical references, Plank wishes to help readers piece their lives together. Within his book, he provides his perspective as a son and his perspective as a father. As the perspective as a son, he discussed how his parents lovingly raised him. As the perspective as a father, he details tips for parents (such as having on focus on your child, rather than spending more time at work) and discusses how significant being a parent is.

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All We Need Is Love, by Michele D. Baker

“All We Need Is Love: In Service to the Light Book One” by Michele D. Baker is a collection of messages the author has received from angels, ancestors, spirit guides and other sentient beings from other worlds as she moves through her Ascension, or spiritual awakening. By means of automatic writing, Baker relays the channeled information, most of which comes from Archangel Michael. She also weaves her own thoughts and perceptions with these angelic passages, giving a first-hand account of her experiences of Ascension. Though many of the messages are directed towards her specifically, they contain vital information about the future of the planet as well as universal truths about love, purpose, energy, emotions and more that all readers can benefit from.
(Bio by Leslie Standridge, LAVIDGE Publicity)

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To Walk In Faith, by Sandra J. Petrusaitis

Praise and worship leader Sandra J. Petrusaitis inspires readers to connect with their spirituality in her recently published Christian book, “To Walk In Faith: Twenty-One Days to Walk in the Power of Faith.” For the book, Petrusaitis utilized personal anecdotes and Scripture to provide an inspirational and unique narrative that will uplift readers and encourage them to plug into their faith. Petrusaitis faced domestic violence and struggles as a single mother. Despite these challenges, she was able to use her strong relationship with God to maintain strength in all facets of her life. Petrusaitis hopes that her story will inspire other women to foster their relationship with the Lord and lean into the strength that He provides.

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Beowulf: A Translation into English Verse, by Matthew Hutchinson

“Beowulf: A Translation into English Verse” by Matthew Hutchinson is a well-researched translation of the Old English, epic poem: “Beowulf.” Hutchinson starts the book with a detailed background on his approach to translating the poem. Then, he presents his translated version of the poem, which is easy for readers to follow. In the appendices of the book, he provides additional information about the poem including the names that are mentioned, genealogical charts and suggested readings that are about the poem.

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Briefcase Wisdom for a Backpack Culture, by Jerry Gano

Briefcase Wisdom for a Backpack Culture” by Jerry Gano is a daily devotional that is a collection of Facebook posts that the author has written. The title of the book refers to the generational differences between readers. Gano explains that although there are generational differences, the Word of the Lord transcends these differences and can help guide all humans. There is an entry for each day of the year, so readers can follow along with the posts. Each post has “a Bible verse suggestion, so they can use the posts to help walk them through passages in the Bible. By presenting these posts, Gano encourages readers to connect with a lesson from God every day and reflect on how it can be applied to their lives.

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