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The iPhone Photography Book by Scott Kelby

You already know that the iPhone can take great photos, but if you’re ready to take your iPhone photos to the next level, here are five tips from Scott Kelby’s new book, The iPhone Photography Book, that can make a big difference (and help you get the best shots you’ve ever taken with your iPhone).

1. Super-Quick Lighting Fix
Getting your tone right—where your photo isn’t too dark or too bright—is a big thing when it comes to getting great photos with your iPhone, and it’s actually really easy to do (once you know the secret). After you tap once on the screen (right on what you want to be in focus), you can make the image brighter by holding your finger on the screen and dragging it up to make it brighter, or it down to make it darker. This makes a bigger difference than you’d think.
Lighting Fix

2. Making Your Photo Fill the Screen
Have you noticed that when you take a photo with the iPhone’s camera it doesn’t capture the entire screen? It leaves blank areas at the top and bottom (if you’re shooting vertically) or on the left and right (if you’re shooting horizontally). If you want an image that fills the entire screen, there’s a trick for that: switch your Camera app to shoot in Video mode. You’ll notice two things: (1) the video fills the entire screen, and (2) once you hit the red record button, there’s now a little white shutter button that appears onscreen. When you tap that white shutter button, it takes a still photo, and like the video, it fills the entire screen. When you shoot video, by default, it zooms in closer than the regular camera does, so your still image will be zoomed in a bit closer as well. But, it’s better than just cropping a still image because cropping your still image would make it smaller, and it wouldn’t fill the screen like this video trick does, so it’s definitely worth trying. I know a number of iPhone photography pros who only shoot in Video mode for that very reason.
Fill Screen

3. An Easier Way to Take Your Shot
Besides just tapping the round shutter button onscreen, there is another way, perhaps even a handier way, in many cases, to take a photo. This very popular way is to use the actual volume up or volume down buttons on the outside of your iPhone. When you have the Camera app open, and you press either the volume up or down button (as seen here), it takes a picture. It’s super-convenient, and my guess is once you try it, you’ll fall in love with doing it like this.

Easier Way

Woman hand holding the black new smartphone with blank screen isolated white background. hands using phone clipping path

4. Killer Tip to Keep from Missing the Moment
If you see something cool that you want to take a photo of, and time is of the essence (you need to get to your camera quickly), don’t unlock your iPhone and launch the Camera app and all that (you’ll have already missed the shot!). Instead, just pick up your iPhone and swipe left on the screen. That takes you directly to the Camera app and you’re ready to shoot. You don’t have to unlock the iPhone or anything—it’s just ready to go. This is ideal for times when your friend leaves their locked iPhone on the table at a restaurant and goes to the restroom for a moment. I’m not suggesting you pick up their iPhone, swipe to the left, and start taking random pictures and selfies before placing it right back into the same spot where they left it, so the next time they go to their Photos app they see all these odd pictures, and then finally a selfie of you, but…I’ve heard of people who have done things like this. Not me, mind you. Other people. I’m sure.
Missing Moment

5. Want a Better Portrait? Cut Off Their Head. Well…at Least Part of It
Cutting off the tops of people’s heads in portraits is a super-popular look these days, as long as you cut off enough so that it doesn’t look like a mistake. It should look like you did it intentionally, otherwise you’ll hear people say, “Oh, that’s such a nice shot of him. Too bad you cut off the top of his head.” It has to be at least 1/3 of their hair or head to where it looks so intentional that nobody questions it. This brings your subject closer to the person viewing the shot, it makes the shot more intimate, and it gives it a more professional look (you’ll see this “cropping off the top of the head” look in ads on the web, in magazines, in product photography— it’s pretty much everywhere).
Cut Off

Excerpted from The iPhone Photography Book by Scott Kelby (Rocky Nook). Copyright © 2021 Scott Kelby. Reprinted with permission from Rocky Nook. San Rafael, CA. All rights reserved.

Save at Tea Drunk Annual Pre-Sale

The time for tea lovers is here! Once a year, Tea Drunk, known for its finest and most prized tea direct from China, holds an amazing pre-sale for tea lovers alike.

During Tea Drunk’s annual pre-sale, which runs now through May 15, you’re able to get their exceptional top-tier new teas at the lowest price possible. Savings are up to 60% on some of the world’s most top-shelf teas! It’s truly the best sale offered all year. Not only do you get the best prices ($100 for 12 samples of tea), you’re guaranteed to be the first to get this year’s tea delivered straight to your door right around September or October due to the pandemic. Bonus: if you are a member of Tea Drunk’s exclusive Educational Tea Club, you are eligible for an additional discount of for the pre-sale event. If not, you can find additional information on how to become a member here!

As you might already be aware founder Shunan Teng ventures deep into tea country to commission the teas that Tea Drunk is known for. Although Shunan’s normal tea trip to China was affected by the current pandemic, she has maintained close communication with her farmers and tea makers who are the forces behind the amazing teas.
Shunan Teng is also the educator for the TED-Ed lesson – The History of Tea, and has collaborated with the Metropolitan Museum of Art to execute a temporary Chinese tea house in the museum. She is an avid educator on tea and has spoken on the subject matter at many institutions including Yale University, World Tea Expo, and Stony Brook University.

About Tea Drunk: Based and founded in NYC in 2013, Tea Drunk is on a mission to break all stereotypes in tea and open access in the West to the highest level of Chinese teas. Tea Drunk is the destination for those seeking exceptional tea and tea knowledge. At $369/ ounce, these are not any typical “fine teas”. These are historical teas cared by heritage farmers for generations. Shunan Teng- the founder of Tea Drunk, travels to historic tea mountains in China every year to harvest and make tea alongside the heritage farmers.

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Katie Holmes & Jessica Alba Love Their HARMIN Bags

Since December, Katie Holmes has been spotted all over NYC wearing an oversized khaki + white carryall from HARMIN (Sidekick, $1195), which she received as a gift from her boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo Jr. This piece is the perfect transitional bag going into the warmer seasons.

Jessica Alba, a huge supporter of brands with good causes, recently posted a different style from the HARMIN collection — Curbside, $1495, a lightweight weekender duffle in khaki + black — on her Instagram story, saying, “every purchase benefits @bisousforleo.”

Bisous for Leo is an ancillary arm of the INADcure Foundation, supported by everyone from Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Gal Gadot to Sebastian Stan and Sissy Spacek. A HARMIN purchase makes an automatic donation.

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Discover Tunisian Cuisine

May is International Mediterranean Diet Month, created in 2009 by Oldways which celebrates the delicious food and wide ranging health benefits associated with the foods originating from this part of the world. And Tunisia, whose cuisine’s distinctive spiciness can be attributed to the many civilizations which have left their mark on this Mediterranean country celebrates with its healthy and tasty specialties. It is the melting pot of the Berber, Phoenician, Arab, Jewish, Turkish as well as Roman and French civilizations who have impacted this small northern African country whose appetizing recipes have been passed from generation to generation, from mother to daughter by word of mouth. Today, gastronomic explorers can experience the cuisine through Layla’s Delicacies as well as via tours organized by cultural institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Influences from all four corners of the world

Tunisian cooking can easily be distinguished from neighboring North African countries by its spiciness.
Strongly influenced by its geographic location and the passage of diverse civilizations, each region of Tunisia has its own unique recipes reflecting the ingredients found there. On the coasts, fish, and vegetables reign supreme. In the center and south of Tunisia, grains and meats take center stage. From the Borzgen couscous of the Kef area to lamb from Beja. The common denominator in all is their colorful, fragrant, and varied spices. Tabel, the magic mixture of spices most frequently used includes ground coriander seeds, caraway seeds, garlic and chile powders. Cumin, mint, laurel cloves or turmeric are often added.

“Tunisian cuisine is a wonderful mixture of local natural ingredients, influenced also by the Italian and French,” said Cindy Hoddeson, Board member of the Wellness Tourism Association. “One of the principles of wellness tourism is the inclusion of healthy food. Tunisia is a land offering a diet rich in flavors good for the body and soul.”

Typical Tunisian Ingredients

The flagship ingredient and not to be missed is Harissa, a condiment made with a mix of chili peppers, garlic, and spices commonly sold as a paste and key to the creation of different sauces. Like Harissa, tomato paste is also an integral part of the Tunisian pantry. Other special condiments and flavorings are rose, orange blossom, jasmine, and geranium waters. Like many countries in the Mediterranean basin, the Tunisian cuisine is heavily based on olive oil, tomatoes, seafood, and some meat. Wonderful local fruits include lemon, oranges, figs, dates, olives, apricots, and pomegranates. Sweet treats are made with honey, almonds, and pine nuts. Grains like rice, couscous and pastas from Italian influence are mainstays.

Typical, Well-Known Dishes

Following are some typical dishes which locals and visitors enjoy:

Ojja (often called Shakshuka): (with or without a spicy Harissa-spiked Merguez sausage) – Tunisian Ojja is a typical light meal made with eggs and sausage with a spicy and garlicky, tomato and pepper sauce. Brik – tiny parcel of minced lamb, beef or vegetables and an egg wrapped in thin pastry and deep fried. Fricassé – tiny sandwich with tuna, harissa, olives, eggs, and olive oil. Label abi – rich garlicky soup made with chickpeas (other ingredients such as tuna, eggs, harissa, and cubes of bread can also be included) Couscous – the national dish prepared in many different ways and made from small durum semolina balls that are crushed and steamed. Seafood- whole fish are prepared and fire-grilled but can be fried or sautéed topped with lemon juice, sea salt and parsley.

Via this link is a traditional Tunisian Recipe for Ojja (Shakshuka) with Merguez – Traditional Tunisian Recipe.

Sweet treats also are found in the region (a reward for healthy eating!).

Rim Ben Amara, who own Layla’s Delicacies in Union, New Jersey is the only Tunisian pastry
shop in the US specializing in authentic Tunisian pastries said, “Tunisian pastries are traditionally made by hand at home and are made with the finest high-quality ingredients. They take an incredible amount of time and attention to detail. They are a way to show gratitude and to welcome guests at weddings and other happy celebrations. Treats have a rich history and come from different parts of Tunisia.

Rim Ben Amara shares two staples of the Tunisian pastries: Samsa that is originally from Tunis, the Capital.

Samsa – One of the most famous pastries in Tunis, especially during the month of Ramadan.

When going Downtown Tunis (Beb Lebnet), you will find a street full of shops specializing in just Samsa. Tunisians travel from all over the country to buy these pastries. These triangle-shaped little gems have a crispy outer layer made out of thin brik filo sheets and a moist filling made out of a mix of crunchy almonds and hazelnuts.

And Kaak Warka – Originally from Sfax, the second largest City, and located in the south.

Found at every wedding or a happy celebration in Tunis. These tiny donut-shaped treats are filled with almond paste and infused with rose water for a distinct flavor and a subtle sweet taste.

Mahmoud Labidi, Tourism Professor in Management at the University of Sousse said, “We are thrilled to open the door to our Tunisian kitchen as well as to discover some of our historic and UNESCO sites such as Carthage, our beaches, our desert and more.”

“Local cuisine is an amazing way to experience a country,” said Jim Friedlander, President, Arrangements Abroad. “We are thrilled to be operating a tour sponsored by the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Tunis this September (2021). Cuisine as well as art, architecture and culture, play an important part of the total experience.”

Tunisia wants to share the tasty culinary offerings found in Tunisia and wishes everyone a toast with a Tunisian Boukha and a tasty fig liqueur until we can travel again!”

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“42” Limited Edition T-Shirt – Leovici

Honoring Jackie Robinson: Leovici x JP Crawford

On April 15, 1947, baseball and the larger world we live in changed forever. When Jackie Robinson suited up for the Brooklyn Dodgers for the first time on that famed Tuesday, he went hitless through all three of his at bats. However, in the grand context of his story and legacy, it was unarguably the most successful day in the history of sport. Breaking the color barrier in baseball, Robinson’s actions penetrated deep into American society, had a profound impact on the elimination of the segregation practices black Americans faced daily, and provided fuel to the civil rights movement that promised to change the moral fabric of the United States forever. This momentous impact, which Robinson cultivated through his resolve, actions, and performance, still continues to have an unmeasurable positive effect on and off of the baseball field.

As a company that prides itself on innovation, excellence, and its promise to disrupt “the way things are”, Robinson is not just one of our inspirations, but also one of our greatest heroes. His performance on the field speaks for itself. Throughout his career Robinson maintained a batting average of .311, hit 137 home runs, batted in 734 runs, and was crowned a six-time all-star, two-time stolen base leader, MLB rookie of the year, and world series champion. However, as deafening as those career statistics may seem, the ballad of Robinson’s impact off the field will always sing louder.

The statistics and awards are impressive, but it is undoubtedly Robinson’s steadfastness, commitment, and desire for change that we and generations past, present, and future will continue to remember and cherish the most. The home runs, the batting average, and the world series title made Robinson a hall of fame baseball player, but his impact on and off the field made him a hero.

Reflecting on Robinson and his legacy has inspired us to partner with another baseball legend in the making. JP Crawford currently plays shortstop for the Seattle Mariners. While we are sure you already know a thing or two about his resume, such as his recent designation as the 2020 Gold Glove recipient, you might not know how greatly Crawford has been impacted on and off the field by the life and actions of Robinson. When asked about this impact, Crawford, a descendant of interracial parents started off by stating, “without him I probably wouldn’t have been born, he broke barriers that were larger than baseball.” Later when talking about Robinson, Crawford also stated that he was deeply affected by Robinson’s courage. “ I know I couldn’t do what he did. He got so much hate [thrown] towards him for no reason… to want to play baseball. That man changed the course of history… BY HIMSELF! He took on what so many people can’t even bear to take on a piece of.”

To honor this courage and one of our joint heroes, Leovici and JP Crawford are proud to present that this year, on Jackie Robinson Day (April 15th), we will be dropping a limited edition Leovici x JP Crawford “42” hoodie. The garment features a black and white portrait of Robinson on our bone colored hoodie. While we know that no garment, no matter how greatly it is manufactured, can live up to the legacy of Robinson, we are deeply honored that the Leovici name will be paired with one of its greatest inspirations.

The impact Robinson has had on Crawford continues to be reflected in his words, admiration, and love for the man who forever changed baseball and life as we know it. This impact can be seen on and off the field through Crawford’s performance and conduct. The standard set by Robinson has led us to the decision to donate profits from the “42” hoodie to the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

The limited edition Leovici x JP Crawford “42” hoodie will only be available for a limited time. So, if you want to snag one you will want to act quickly. Whether you purchase one of our hoodies or not, both we and JP Crawford hope that you will join us on April 15th to celebrate Jackie Robinson Day and honor one of the greatest heroes the world has ever known.

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Webinar: The History of Champagne

The Champagne MOOC provides exclusive, behind the scenes information, videos and material which will turn you in less than five hours into a Champagne expert from the comfort of your own home. The classic version grants you free access to four modules. The premium version costs 49€ (approximately $55). It offers a path towards earning a “statement of completion” from the Comité Champagne (subject to passing the quizzes), access to more videos and opportunities to participate in exclusive, live webinars hosted by experts in the region.

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Daytona! Bike Week Continues

Friday, March 5 to Saturday, March 13
Daytona International Speedway

The 79th DAYTONA 200 will be held Saturday, March 13. America’s most historic motorcycle road race will run during the 80th Annual Bike Week featuring a 57-lap, 200-mile American SportBike Racing Association (ASRA)-sanctioned event that showcases 600cc sportbikes on the Speedway’s 3.51-mile DAYTONA Road Course.

Similar to its four-wheeled brethren, the DAYTONA 200’s roots go back to the sands of Daytona Beach where they began racing on a 4.2-mile shoreline course in 1937 before moving the event to Daytona International Speedway and incorporating the high banks of the World Center of Racing in 1961.

“The DAYTONA 200 speaks to the storied tradition at the World Center of Racing,” stated Chip Wile, President, Daytona International Speedway. “The DAYTONA Road Course has seen IMSA and NASCAR race so far this season and we are excited to watch these riders bring the two-wheel action for the ASRA event.”

Competing for a $175,000 purse and a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch, a competitive field of more than 70 riders will race including defending DAYTONA 200 champion Kyle Wyman, four-time DAYTONA 200 champion Danny Eslick, 2019 podium finisher Dylan Kelly, and former DAYTONA 200 champions Josh Herrin, Jason DiSalvo and Michael Barnes.

In addition to the DAYTONA 200, ASRA and CCS (Championship Cup Series) will have a full schedule of road races Friday, March 12 through Sunday, March 14. DAYTONA 200 qualifying will take place on Friday, March 12 with the race going green on March 13 at 1 p.m.

The Bike Week Motorcycle Marketplace will be on display from March 5 through March 13. The area’s largest motorcycle marketplace with feature the nation’s top motorcycle parts and apparel vendors. This will be the only Bike Week location in the Daytona Beach area offering free manufacturer demo rides. Participating manufacturers include Kawasaki, Indian, BMW, Vanderhall and Yamaha. Guests can also enjoy live music on the Harley-Davidson Thunder Alley stage.

Customers who purchased tickets to the 2020 DAYTONA TT will be offered a 120 percent credit to any American Flat Track (AFT) Events race held through October 2021 or a full refund. Please email for more information. All Daytona International Speedway event tickets can be purchased by calling 1-800-PITSHOP or online at Fans who can’t make it to DIS for the DAYTONA 200 can watch it live exclusively on TrackPass on NBC Sports Gold.

Guests of Daytona International Speedway are encouraged to visit responsibly. As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the DAYTONA 200 and the Bike Week Motorcycle Marketplace will be conducted in accordance with enhanced safety protocols and procedures. All guests will be screened before entering the facility and will be required to wear face coverings while maintaining six feet social distancing throughout their visit.

Two-wheeled action gets underway at Daytona International Speedway this Saturday (March 6) night with the 51st annual DAYTONA Supercross.

Things kick off at Daytona International Speedway For a schedule of on-track activities and event protocols, log onto Fans can stay connected with Daytona International Speedway and see the latest speedway news on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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At a time when traveling to uncrowded areas is more desirable than ever, Kontiki Expeditions announces its two launch itineraries on M/Y Kontiki Wayra. Experiences are scheduled in five provinces of the seldom-visited Ecuadorian coast. Kontiki’s small-yacht size allows visits to authentic areas where social distancing is the norm rather than the exception in what is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. With only nine staterooms carrying a maximum of 18 guests, Kontiki Expeditions offers a new, exclusive way to enjoy “NEO Luxury” both above and beneath sea level. Sailings will begin Summer 2021.


Presenting a new concept in luxury ocean vacations, Kontiki Expeditions focus on conscious travel and immersive water and land experiences accessible via a small luxury yacht. The yacht travels two routes along the Ecuadorian coast, Toquilla and Spondylus, and takes full advantage of the country’s wealth of birds, animals, flora, fauna, indigenous foods and cultural traditions while adhering to a NEO luxury philosophy of sustainability and giving back to communities. With a trend for intimate voyages on the rise, Kontiki Expeditions offers private, chartered fully crewed 7-night cruises with curated experiences to meet guests’ needs, likes and interests.

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Champagne! 1 Year anniversary of the MOOC

Confession: we had to look up MOOC. Massive Open Online Course. What will the TLA creators come up with next?
This course is all about champagne, which is certainly an interesting subject for everyone. It was set up by the Comité interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne , the Comité Champagne, a semi-autonomous public body established in 1941 that safeguards the collective interests of Champagne Growers and Houses to contribute to the competitiveness and balance within the Champagne business.
The Comité Champagne is based in Epernay, France, and also operates through Champagne bureaus in 14 other countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the USA.
The anniversary of the MOOC release was on February 26 but the discount can be used until March 26, 2021! Purchase the English Premium version at a price of 40€* (instead of 49€ all taxes included) by adding the code: ANNIVERSARY2021EN

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Eggstra Special Easter Chocolate – Sugar Plum

Easter is just around the corner which means your excuse for “eggstra” special goodies is about to be satisfied. Whether you’re putting together a basket for a special loved one or want to share a collection of premium chocolates with friends and co-workers, we suggest stocking up on these springtime goodies now!

Hop on over to Sugar Plum and take a peek at these must-have Easter basket gifts!

Sugar Plum Gourmet Easter Egg Hunt Set – Sugar Plum has put together an imaginative set of handsomely decorative metal Easter eggs that have been engineered from the ground-up to turn any Easter egg hunt from “blah” to “oooh-la-la!” faster than that Easter Bunny can come on hoppin’ down the bunny trail. Featuring a reusable plastic egg carton and handsomely festive metal eggs that can be refilled over and over again, the Gourmet Easter Egg Hunt Set promises a fashionably fun (and tasty!) time with those you care about most year after year! Retails: $34.95.

Easter Milk Chocolate-Covered Sandwich Cookies Assortment – Featuring 12 world-class chocolate-dunked sandwich cookies all dressed up in the bright and festive Sunday best and presented in an adorable Easter egg container, Sugar Plum’s Easter Milk Chocolate-Covered Sandwich Cookies Assortment is a perfect treat for every family’s resident chocoholics! Retails: $24.95.

Signature Easter Egg Truffle Assortment – For those that would prefer a little more of a classic chocolate treat this Easter, look no further than Sugar Plum’s Signature Easter Egg Truffle Assortment! This assortment features 12 pieces of Sugar Plum’s incredible handcrafted foil-wrapped milk chocolate ganache truffles in a beautifully laid out in a festive egg-shaped box that’ll be sure to get everyone in the mood for a fun Easter egg hunt! Retails: $24.95.

Carrot Cake Chocolate Bar 4 Pack – Whoever the mad lad was that decided to bake carrots into a cake has nothing on the folks here who turned this cake into a chocolate bar. Smooth white chocolate serves as the foundation for all the spices and flavors of a moist and delicious carrot cake. It’s so good you won’t even mind that we used the word moist. Retails: $30.00.

Dark Chocolate Half-Pound Premium Chocolate Easter Bunny – Check out this treat hoppin’ down the bunny trail! Sugar Plum’s Premium Chocolate Easter Bunny features 8oz of our gourmet chocolate, carefully crafted into a gorgeous & festive Easter bunny by Sugar Plum’s expert chocolate artisans. This decadent dark chocolate bunny comes wrapped in a cello bag, which is tied off with a festive ribbon that is sure to put you in the Easter spirit! Retails: $17.00.

White Chocolate Half-Pound Premium Chocolate Easter Bunny – Check out this treat hoppin’ down the bunny trail! Sugar Plum’s Premium Chocolate Easter Bunny features 8oz of our gourmet chocolate, carefully crafted into a gorgeous & festive Easter bunny by Sugar Plum’s expert chocolate artisans. This smooth & creamy white chocolate bunny comes wrapped in a cello bag, which is tied off with a festive ribbon that is sure to put you in the Easter spirit! Retails: $17.00.

Milk Chocolate Half-Pound Premium Chocolate Easter Bunny – Check out this treat hoppin’ down the bunny trail! Sugar Plum’s Premium Chocolate Easter Bunny features 8oz of our gourmet chocolate, carefully crafted into a gorgeous & festive Easter bunny by Sugar Plum’s expert chocolate artisans. This luscious milk chocolate bunny come wrapped in a cello bag, which is tied off with a festive ribbon that is sure to put you in the Easter spirit! Retails: $17.00.

All of Sugar Plum’s delicious gourmet treats are lovingly hand crafted and made from their bakery and kitchen in Kingston, PA, by mother and son team Fran and Neil Edley. As they say, food is the ingredient that binds us together. These decadent, mouthwatering confections make for truly special gifts this Easter.

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Get Sexy! The Boudoir Posing Deck

Get ready to strike a sexy pose, thanks to the professional guidance of noted fashion photographer Lindsay Alder.

Introducing The Boudoir Posing Deck: 50 Poses for Photographers and Models [978-1-68198-7-057; $30; January 2021] by Lindsay Adler, a new full-color deck featuring 50 high-quality posing examples to help guide and inspire photographers and models to create the perfect boudoir session.

Based in New York City, author Lindsay Adler is a portrait and fashion photographer, Canon Explorer of Light, and one of Instagram’s top photography influencers (@lindsayadler_photo, 357K followers). In her latest project, she shares clear instructions and helpful tips with every boudoir pose featuring the same model throughout the deck. Each 4×6 card features an image and accompanying description of the pose, the camera settings, and lighting information.

Perfect as a gift for photographers, aspiring models, or any woman who wants to feel sexy, The Boudoir Posing Deck includes a wide range of alluring sitting, standing, and laying scenarios that will inspire gorgeous, flattering photos to post online, keep for yourself, or to share with that special someone.

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