Monika Majewska

Monika MajewskiBusiness Student.
Fashion spectator.


Monika Majewska has an international background and we are pleased to have her as our Party Digest correspondent for Paris. She covers events in and near that beautiful city and you’ll see her contributions here.

Born in 1994 in London, England, at the age of two Monika moved together with her family to Warsaw, Poland. She lived there attending international schools until attaining her IB diploma.

Over the years Monika has traveled extensively to countries ranging from South Africa to the United Arab Emirates and across Europe. Currently Monika is attending a Business school in one of the most influential and business driven cities in the world, Paris.

Due to her international background she is able to identify easily with both British and Polish cultures as well as learning how to live the French life like a true Parisian:

each day as it comes


In primary school Monika started taking guitar lessons and instantly fell in love with the art of music. Today she is still passionate about music and has developed a love for fashion and literature.

In a nutshell all three epitomize Paris.