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Hydration Pack Bladder Dryer – BōnDry

BōnDry pronounced Bone Dry is the world’s first hydration pack dryer. This patent-pending technology makes maintaining your hydration gear easy. Simply rinse your hydration bladder or bottle, insert BōnDry, and put your gear away. BōnDry will dry it to keep it nice and fresh! The best part is it is made in the USA from sustainably sourced plants and recycled plastic bottles!

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The best abrasive, non-scratch cleaning cloth. You can use your Euroscrubby to clean:The Kitchen – Non-stick pots and pans, glass cooktops & cookware.The Bathroom – Porcelain sinks, glass shower doors, marble & tile.Outdoors – Garden tools, wood and plastic furniture, boats & pools.Replaces green scour padsClean in the top rack of the dishwasher

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