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Vodka and Blue Agave Tequila – Dread River

Each and every bottle distilled at Dread River is the result of hard work, limitless passion and an unwavering commitment to serve hand-crafted spirits worthy of celebration. Hard work, passion and commitment. Dread River offers small-batch spirits centered around discovery, excellence and integrity.

Dread River Vodka is an inviting spirit, smooth enough to sip at room temperature. Unlike many vodkas that have been stripped of all flavor, this 100% wheat vodka bursts with citrus and floral notes, perfect for mixed drinks and martinis, but also just as good enjoyed alone. Dread River Vodka offers the nose a sweet, floral scent with a hint of citrus, and a smooth, clean finish with a lingering vanilla flavor on the pallet. ($25.99 per bottle)

Dread River Blue Agave Tequila — Like Mexican tequilas, but distilled in Birmingham, this “agave spirit” is mellow with subtle fruity, earthy, and herbal notes on the palate. ($34.99 per bottle)

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Port Finished Straight Rye Whiskey

Want to give the best? Don’t just go for the gold, reach for this three-time gold award-winning Port Finished Straight Rye Whiskey from Milam & Greene. To craft this whiskey, Milam & Greene brings Indiana Rye whiskey to Texas where the distillery batches it in their warehouse and finishes it in old Port Wine Casks. The Texan sun influences the rate and strength of flavor imparted into the whiskey. Some casks take longer than others. The Milam & Greene team tastes the whiskey finishing in the Port Wine Casks regularly until the optimal flavors are achieved. Casks are then batched together, tested regularly and proofed before bottling. Find a store near you, or purchase this Port Finished Straight Rye Whiskey ($51.99 per bottle) directly from Milam & Greene online at https://milamandgreenewhiskey.com/port-finished-rye/.

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Samuel Maverick Private Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Maverick Distilling of San Antonio, Texas has the perfect gift for anyone who loves bourbon: A bottle of Samuel Maverick Private Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey is just $75. Be sure to book a tour and tasting for two at the distillery (115 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas 78205) if you visit our city!

A 2022 John Barleycorn Awards Double Gold winner, Private Reserve is distilled in San Antonio in small batches using select Texas-grown corn, rye, and barley and aged on-site in the vaults below the distillery in the historic Lockwood National Bank building located steps from the Alamo. Just seven barrels of the four-year-old reserve bourbon were bottled for this small-batch limited release of Samuel Maverick Private Reserve. At 45% ABV, 90 proof each 750ml bottle ($75 each) comes beautifully packaged, complete with Samuel Maverick’s historic signature embossed on the glass. Look for this special product and other Maverick Distilling whiskey and spirit options in-stores as distributed by Republic National Distributing Company, or order online for shipping to 42 states across the USA via: https://maverickwhiskey.com.

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Triple Dog Irish Whiskey

Everyone loves Triple Dog Irish Whiskey, an easy-to-drink and outrageously-smooth true Irish whiskey without too much bite. Featuring a modern taste profile beautifully aged for a minimum of four years in French Oak casks, Triple Dog is different from all the stodgy, establishment whiskeys. Distilled in Northern Ireland in the town of Dundalk, County Louth, Triple Dog Irish Whiskey is a sublimely approachable whiskey with a sweet aroma and an amazing crème brulee finish. Triple Dog Irish Whiskey is a great gift for moms who like to imbibe and would appreciate something different in the form of an unexpected delight. At 40% ABV and 80 proof, this option is a great one to sip solo, as well as mix into craft cocktails. Shoppers can find Triple Dog Irish Whiskey ($39.99 per 750ml bottle) in-store as it is currently widely available on-shelves at spirit retailers in California and Texas. The whiskey is also available for online purchase via https://www.tripledogwhiskey.com/buy-online/ and shipping to 42 states across the nation (temporarily excluding Alaska, Alabama, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Utah).

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I’ll Drink to That! Broadway’s Legendary Stars, Classic Shows, and the Cocktails They Inspired

We’d like to propose a toast! Broadway has always raised a glass to celebrate itself, both on-stage and off. I’ll Drink to That! is a celebration of theatrical tradition, a souvenir of magic moments on stage, and a practical guide to make one-of-a-kind craft cocktail recipes inspired by the best of Broadway.

I’ll Drink to That! expertly mixes clever cocktails that pay homage to Broadway shows, such as the Rainbow High from Evita and the Bali Ha’i M’ai T’ai from South Pacific with authentic recipes for drinks that play supporting roles in beloved shows, like the infamous Vodka Stinger from Company, and shakes it up with a history of the cocktail on Broadway, detailed by one of the leading musical theater historians, Laurence Maslon.

Featured throughout are fantastic images, from vintage liquor ads featuring Broadway stars, to profiles of classic shows and the luminaries famed for their effervescence. The specialty cocktails get their own spotlight, photographed by the legendary Broadway photographer Joan Marcus at the iconic Sardi’s restaurant, home to hundreds of opening nights for the past 100 years.

With thirty unique drink recipes ranging from Mame’s Mint Julep to Beetlejuice’s the Dead Thing, and illustrated with a wide range of rare drawings, posters, and advertisements, as well as original glamorous photographs by Joan Marcus, I’ll Drink to That! is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the theater, enjoys an elegant bend of the elbow, and wants to be part of long and bubbly theatrical history.

I’ll Drink to That!

Broadway’s Legendary Stars, Classic Shows, and the Cocktails They Inspired

By Laurence Maslon, Photography by Joan Marcus

Weldon Owen | 7.5 x 0.47 x 9.5 in | 176 pages

Hardcover | $27.99

ISBN:978-1-68188-965-8 | May 23, 2023

About the Author

Laurence Maslon is an arts professor at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, as well as associate chair of the Graduate Acting Program. His most recent book is an updated companion volume to the PBS series Broadway: The American Musical. He is also the host and producer of the weekly radio series, Broadway to Main Street (winner of the 2019 ASCAP Foundation/Deems Taylor Award for Radio Broadcast) on the NPR station WLIW-FM. He edited the two-volume set American Musicals (1927-1969) for Library of America, as well as their Kaufman & Co., Broadway comedies by George S. Kaufman. Other books include the companion book to Come From Away, Broadway to Main Street: How Show Music Enchanted America (Oxford), The Sound of Music Companion, and the South Pacific Companion. He is the writer and co-producer of the PBS American Masters documentary, Sammy Davis, Jr.: I’ve Gotta Be Me, and wrote American Masters documentary Richard Rodgers: The Sweetest Sounds. He served on the nominating committee for the Tony Awards from 2007 to 2010. He has written for the New York Times, the Washington Post, the New Yorker, Opera News, Stagebill, and American Theatre. Mr. Maslon, otherwise a nice guy, mixes a mean drink.

Joan Marcus is one of the preeminent theatrical photographers working in the US today. Over the past 25 years, she has photographed more than 500 shows on and off Broadway and regionally. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Joan graduated from George Washington University. In 2014 she received a Tony Honor for Excellence in the Theater.

About Weldon Owen International

Founded in 1984, Weldon Owen International is a high-quality, nonfiction book publisher specializing in producing innovative, richly illustrated lifestyle books in the categories of food and drink, sports and fitness, popular science, craft and design, and popular culture for the global market. Weldon Owen International illustrates great ideas and breaks down complex skills so anyone can learn them, while being entertained and inspired along the way. Weldon Owen is a division of Insight Editions. For more information and inspiration, visit, weldonowen.com.

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Fabrizia Spirits Establishes Lemon Grove in Italy

Fabrizia Spirits, the leading limoncello producer in the United States, announces the establishment of their own lemon grove in Italy.

“We are proud to announce that with the help of our lemon agricultural partner, Gruppo Villari, we have established our own lemon grove in Sicily! Considering our humble beginnings, peeling lemons in the garage of our parent’s home, this is a monumental achievement for the company. These lemons are grown in a perfect microclimate in south eastern Sicily near Europe’s largest active volcano, Mt. Etna. The rich volcanic soil and warm winds from the Mediterranean Sea produce the most fragrant lemons in the world. We now control the fruit from orchard to bottle, and can ensure the highest quality finished product” said Phil Mastroianni, Co-Owner and Co-Founder, Fabrizia Spirits.

The lemons are hand picked, cleaned, and shipped directly to Fabrizia’s facility in New Hampshire. Every lemon is inspected upon arrival, washed again, and peeled by their Italian manufactured lemon peeling machine, nicknamed Giuseppe. The Zest is then infused in pure alcohol, which produces the bright yellow color found in their Limoncello. The remainder of the lemon is juiced to form the foundation of their canned cocktails.

“The ability to source the finest fruit from Italy to produce our Limoncello freshly in the United States, without adding artificial coloring, flavors or preservatives, puts our company in a unique position to provide the USA market with an authentically prepared outstanding limoncello” said Nick Mastroianni, Co-Owner and Co-Founder, Fabrizia Spirits.

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The Legend of Johny Bootlegger

Johny Bootlegger is inspired by the Prohibition era of the 1920s – where many creative cocktails were invented in speakeasies. It’s a great choice when a very tasty, spirited beverage is desired. At 12% alcohol by volume, and ten great flavors to choose from, Johny Bootlegger lives up to the legend.
There are hundreds of stories about why Johny is a legend. And each one of them is 100% true blue, all-American, according-to-Hoyle fact. It all started during the 1920s, after Prohibition went into effect, when everyone from fancy fellas and debutante dames to boardwalk grifters and dimestore floozies were looking for a titillating tonic to get their kicks from. For months, towns across the country were as dry as your mother-in-law’s Thanksgiving turkey. Until one glorious night, in the city that never sleeps, people from all walks of life soon discovered the libations that would liberate them from sobriety and satiate their desires — and it was all thanks to Johny Bootlegger.

Johny was an ‘entrepreneur’ who was doing a stretch in Sing Sing for punching-out a police horse when he had the idea for creating private drinking clubs called ‘Speakeasies’ where people could go, socialize, meet dames, flirt with fellas and best of all, imbibe! Soon they were popping up everywhere. But they wouldn’t let you in unless someone vouched for you and you knew the secret knock — which Johny also invented. After being transferred to Alcatraz for bribing the guards at Sing Sing, he busted out using only a toenail clipper and a spool of twine and made his way back to East Coast to forge his alcohol-fueled empire.

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Botanicals for Modern Life – Amass

From botanical spirits to body care products, AMASS makes clean botanics for modern life.
At AMASS, we wear our ingredient lists on our sleeve. All of our botanical ingredients are NATURAL, NON-GMO, and vetted by the best in the business. You won’t find any artificial preservatives or unnecessary chemicals in our bottles – JUST PLANTS.
We carefully select each botanical that goes into our bottles. From adaptogens like LION’S MANE MUSHROOM and ASHWAGANDHA to culinary ingredients like SUMAC and SORREL, each and every one of our botanicals is thoughtfully considered for a cleaner cocktail.
Our personal care products are made with NATURAL BOTANICAL EXTRACTS and LUXURIOUS ESSENTIAL OILS for a brief sensory ritual. The bespoke botanical blends were designed with moments of self-care in mind, whether you’re washing your hands, taking a bath, or lighting a candle.
While AMASS first began by offering a Dry Gin and Botanic Vodka, we’ve always felt that our core values of QUALITY, STORYTELLING, AND COMMUNITY were not limited to alcohol. That’s why we make CLEAN BOTANICS FOR BOTH SOCIAL AND SELF-CARE RITUALS.

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If you haven’t tried Strega, don’t wait any longer! You don’t know what you’re missing. A little bit of heaven, in a bottle.

Strega liqueur is one of the most famous Italian liqueurs; it is unique and unmistakable for its taste, thanks to the exclusive use of natural ingredients. Its processing starts with the grinding of about 70 herbs and spices, they are being selected from all over the world, and each one of them has unique properties. Among these herbs we find Ceylon cinnamon, Florentine iris, Italian Apennine juniper, Samnite mint, which grows along the riverbanks in the whole region. The liqueur gets its characteristic yellow color from the precious Saffron that is added to the herb distillate. Strega liqueur is aged in ash barrels over a long period of time to ensure a perfect blending of the different aromas. The resulting distillate is 40% proof and only after the ageing process is the liqueur bottled and distributed all over the world.

Jacksonville Taco & Margarita Festival

Saturday, June 4 from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
TIAA Bank Field and Daily’s Place

The Jacksonville Taco & Margarita Festival returns to TIAA Bank Field and Daily’s Place June 4th. Find over 20 of Jacksonville’s best restaurants, food trucks & carts serving up an amazing variety of mouthwatering tacos & related food items (sold separately). There will be bars and beverage stations serving margaritas, tequila shots, ice cold beer, water, soda & more. Fun for the whole family with live DJ and bands!

11:00 am – VIP doors
12:00 pm – General Admission door
6:00 pm – Event concludes

General Admission and VIP Tickets are available.

Have a restaurant or food truck? Click here for more information.
Want to be a retail vendor or sponsor? Email info@unitedfestivalproductions.com for more information.

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Ponte Vedra Council – Networking Mixer

Wednesday, July 28 from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Pusser’s Bar and Grille, 816 A1A N, Ste 100, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Ponte Vedra Council – Networking Mixer
Please register for this free event: https://mdweb.mmsi2.com/nefarss/deeplinks.pl?type=CV&id=PV072821

Join us Wednesday, July 28 for our second social event of the year! Enjoy a fun evening of networking with old friends and new from 4:30-6:30PM at Pusser’s Bar and Grill (816 A1a N Ste 100, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082) in the heart of Ponte Vedra in a nice open environment that will be safe for all who want to attend. Appetizers will be served. Bring your business cards.

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