Triple Dog Irish Whiskey

Everyone loves Triple Dog Irish Whiskey, an easy-to-drink and outrageously-smooth true Irish whiskey without too much bite. Featuring a modern taste profile beautifully aged for a minimum of four years in French Oak casks, Triple Dog is different from all the stodgy, establishment whiskeys. Distilled in Northern Ireland in the town of Dundalk, County Louth, Triple Dog Irish Whiskey is a sublimely approachable whiskey with a sweet aroma and an amazing crème brulee finish. Triple Dog Irish Whiskey is a great gift for moms who like to imbibe and would appreciate something different in the form of an unexpected delight. At 40% ABV and 80 proof, this option is a great one to sip solo, as well as mix into craft cocktails. Shoppers can find Triple Dog Irish Whiskey ($39.99 per 750ml bottle) in-store as it is currently widely available on-shelves at spirit retailers in California and Texas. The whiskey is also available for online purchase via and shipping to 42 states across the nation (temporarily excluding Alaska, Alabama, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Utah).

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