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Movenpick Soul Restaurant


Jumeriah Beach Resort can be a hectic merry go-around with the latest Middle East cars with their boy toys cruising around — but if you are looking for a relaxing, yet very elegant, and semi-discreet hideaway to entertain a client, or visitor, or a surreptitious date, consider the Soul Restaurant & Bar at the Movenpick Hotel’s JBR location.

20160119_211226_resizedChef Baljit Kumar (seen at left) is quietly cooking up a storm at Soul Restaurant & Bar (he came over from Trader Vic’s) and he can cook with a magician’s wand. (“What did you see first: Duck or Rabbit?” is just one brain test he gives himself on Facebook!).

On a recent visit, we were treated by him to, among many mouthwatering treats, a medium Rib Eye Steak (300g) called the Australian Wagyu.

Just like Dubai, the steak was lavishly embroiled with a Marco Polo-esque twist: A Japanese cow by virtue of Australia. Only in Dubai, right?

The highest in the food chain among cows, a Wagyu commands a high price in Japan. But it is in Australia where it really attains the cash cow status, really. Aussies are the largest breeders outside of Japan.

And with a strong Aussie expat community in Dubai, the dish attains its holy status!

The meat was tender, even for a medium flame, but cured just right for the succulence that was about to follow with mashed potatoes and exotic spinach.


The restaurant offers an eclectic wine list, and you will never be wanting for the specials of the day.

Hotel restaurants can get a bum rap for being an extension of the breakfast buffet for a weary business traveler or jet-eyed lag but Soul Restaurant is a welcome respite — and a great breeding ground for the hungry stomach and the bounties thereafter!

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Review: Coffee Wine

coffee wine cans

I got a sample of Coffee Wine, so now I’m reporting what I thought.

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Friends Beverage Group (aka/The Fun Wine Company) of Miami, FL, has launched the World’s First Coffee Wines ™ — Cabernet Espresso ™ and Chardonnay Cappuccino ™ — in New York under the FRIENDS FUN WINE ® brand. Imported from the EU, FUN WINE ™ is a friendly tasting recreational drink that makes wine fun for the general population with refreshing flavors. The New Lifestyle Drink ™ comes with half the alcohol of wine and has no preservatives, gluten or caffeine. It is very affordable, so everyone can enjoy it. Joe Peleg, CEO, explained, “We believe in ‘Responsible Fun’ and ask consumers to ‘Reduce the alcohol…and Increase the Fun!” Lower alcohol translates to lower calories as well.

COFFEE WINE ™ is an everyday beverage for:

  • Women
  • Millennials, age 21-35
  • New, occasional and casual wine drinkers
  • Consumers who seek alternatives to wine and beer
  • Consumers who prefer lower alcohol

Benefits include:

  • Multiple flavors – Coffee, Strawberry/Peach Moscato, Red/White Sangria
  • Affordability-$1.99 -$2.29/can (~ $1.00/serving)
  • Lower alcohol than wine
  • Lower calories than wine or beer (75-94 calories/serving)
  • Attractive, portable, lightweight, unbreakable, tamper-proof, quick chilling, recyclable cans
  • 33% more wine than 187.5 ml wine bottles


FUN WINE™ is a new beverage category of recreational wine drinks for the general population. It is defined not by vintage, heritage or other highbrow hallmarks of wine, and is not for wine aficionados.

You do not sniff it. You do not swirl it in a glass. You do not tout its origin. You do not pour it into red or white wine glasses. FUN WINE ™ does not compete with wine, but is an everyday fun and affordable recreational drink for the masses – and The Alternative to Beer. ™

Check out this video about Breakfast in Bed!

The new beverage category is distributed in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau and Suffolk by Union Beer Distributors. Upstate distributors include Try-It Distributing — Niagara and Erie, and DeCrescente Distributing — Albany, Columbia, Fulton, Greene, Montgomery, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Washington, and Warren.

Retailers include CVS Health ®, 7-Eleven ®, Tops Markets ® and many convenience stores.

I had a nice selection of flavors so I waited till I finished all of them before writing the review. The one I liked best was the Peach Moscato.

My overall impression of these is that they are interesting. They aren’t as gross as I thought they might be, in fact I drank all of them… If I were looking for a quick alcohol buzz from a store that didn’t have hard liquor I might be tempted to buy these.

I’m still not convinced that coffee and wine really go together. But it was nice to have a can of something that wasn’t beer, since I hate beer.

These are definitely worth checking out if you, too, are looking for an alternative to take to the beer bashes. Have fun!



FLYP-DUO Reversible USB Charge & Sync Cable


I received a sample of the Flyp-Duo a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been using it nonstop ever since.

It’s really nice to be able to plug in either my iPad or my MemoPad without having to change the cable. Very convenient. Being able to plug the usb into the computer without worrying which way is up is another excellent feature, which is important because I use my computer a lot now a days for work and visiting sites like that improve with my ranking in games like CSGO.

When I first plugged in the iPad, it didn’t occur to me that the reason there are both male and female mini-usb connectors is that you have to mate them in order to use the lightning connector. To someone who is not an engineer that would probably be obvious; to me, with 30 years of experience matching the gazintas and the gazoutas, it was not. I thought there were three ways of connecting to the usb… [facepalm]. No, I didn’t read the directions…I’m a guy.

Once I got past that cockpit error, everything was great. I highly recommend this innovative cable. It works great for charging and also for syncing the data.

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