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Energy Driven Mask Launch w/ Healing Stones

Rev. Gillian V Harris, M.S.P., a Metaphysical Consultant, Minister and Intention Coach who performs Conscious Decoupling Ceremonies, has developed a checklist for safe pandemic-era dating and launched ‘Energy Driven’ masks promoting conscious use of words, images, colors, precious gems and crystals as part of mask etiquette & wardrobe. Below are some more tid bits on her recent developments:
The Mask Diva:

Whether a mask is lined, filtered, has a wire nose bridge, just as important are the energy factors that play into the creation of our lives. Use the gems to accessorize your mask, lift your mood and assist in your manifestations.

Color, for instance: “Blue is communication, Self Expression, Safety… The darker the blue the more authoritative it and the more sterile it becomes. The lighter the blue, the warmer and more tranquil it becomes. There’s also green in the hue: a heart chakra color; compassion, gravity toward positivity while negativity is dissolved. The image of regal stature of royal blue is real. The stone Turquoise takes on these color qualities but also enhances the journey to self-realization, inner wisdom, exercising will-power and speaking one’s truth with grace and ease!”


Created a ‘Covid-19 era Coupling Agreement’ for people to use with each other to trigger quality conversation and consideration about whether sex is in the cards for them right now.

Launched a survey to learn how many are willing to take a chance and touch despite Covid-19.

List of suggestions on how to turn the tide on the growing touch deprivation happening as a result of Covid-19 and ways people are getting a healthy amount of touch while avoiding the pandemic.
5 Steps to Safe Covid-Era Dating by an Ordained Minister with a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology.

1. Identify a covid-19 conscious person with whom you share mutual attraction
2. Get tested for COVID if you have not done so already.
3. Share the results of your negative testing with your partner. When you get a covid-19 test, the information is emailed to you and you can show this to them on your phone or computer.
4. Sign The Covid-Era Coupling Agreement
5. Revisit agreement at 30, 90 and 180 day marks.

It is possible to connect with another one and forge an alliance that allows for touchy, maskless camaraderie throughout this Covid-19 episode.

Touching is mega healthy, increases immune strength AND sex is a whole other level of touch + also has massive benefits for human health emotionally, psychologically and physiologically- a necessity for health, rather than just a pleasure

Touch deprivation and its effects are real. The WAY HIGH SUICIDE rate during Covid-19 is also real. The high rate of Covidaphobia to the point of needing emergency psychological assistance/hospitalized treatment and observation is also real. What if there was a way to proceed in a healthy fashion? ENTER conscious creation of small tribes.

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2020 Polo Classic

Sunday, September 13 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Great Meadow Foundation, 5089 Old Tavern Rd, The Plains, VA

The National Sporting Library & Museum (NSLM) is excited to announce that its 2020 Polo Classic will take place on Sunday, September 13th at Great Meadow in The Plains, Virginia. This event will feature two top tier polo matches, the Founders Cup and the Mars Cup, and a parade of the Orange County Hounds. Bring your canine companions as they are invited to participate in the Dog Divot Stomop Sponsored by NUTRO™ where they will have the chance to win Best Turned Out!

The format of the event will differ from years past, and has been planned with the safety of spectators, players, sponsors, and NSLM staff as the top priority. In lieu of the Founders Pavilion and standard tailgate options, two tailgate packages will be available for purchase. Both tailgate packages will be fifteen feet wide, accommodating a maximum of six guests. A twelve-foot gap will be left between each tailgate to ensure proper social distancing between each party. We ask that all guests remain within the boundaries of their tailgate during the matches. Included with each tailgate package is a commemorative picnic basket and gourmet lunch for six, two bottles of sparkling wine from Bouvet Ladubay, and two bottles of wine from Greenhill Vineyards. Though a six-foot table with linen and six chairs will be provided, NSLM encourages spectators to bring additional décor for a chance to win our Best Tailgate Award.

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Base Commander’s Veteran’s Golf Tournament

Thursday, September 17 at 8:00 AM
Medal of Honor Golf Course 3313 Fuller Heights Road Quantico, VA

Base Commander’s Veteran’s Golf 3.0 Tournament on September 17th . Register your team today by calling the proshop at 703-784-2424 . Slots are filling up very quickly! Don’t miss out on a great oppurtunity to play in a very fun and affordable event!

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Flying Embers, the Better-For-You Alcohol Brand, announces three new Hard Kombucha innovation flavors as a part of their limited release Flight Series. Building off their two previous releases, the new “Summer Oasis” collection offers three new crisp, refreshing flavors that will evoke desert daydreams of lounging in your own private oasis.

This new flight is particularly special because it includes Flying Embers Original Essence – their pure raw kombucha unflavored. Never before released to the public, Original Essence drinks like a dry white wine, and is the origin and base of all of our flavors. Its creation began by fermenting steeped organic black tea, adaptogen botanicals, and cane sugar, resulting in a naturally sweet and tart hard kombucha with a refreshing, effervescent finish. Fans of the brand can now experience the craftiness and complexity of this adaptogen root blend in its most authentic form.

In addition to Original Essence, the Summer Oasis flight features two delicious flavors including:

Prickly Pear Heather: Pairs a subtly herbal aroma with a sweet melon-berry burst that merge effortlessly to create a refreshingly light and earthy hard kombucha sipper.

Strawberry Lemongrass: A crisply polished, better-for-you riff on the classic Lemondrop Martini. This hard kombucha balances the sweet touch of strawberry with the refreshing tartness of lemongrass, ending with a bright and uplifting finish.

New Flavors image available here:

Earlier this Summer, Flying Embers released two flights of other unique flavors, offering an insider’s view into Flying Embers HQ, where every Thursday afternoon staff taste new creations that are now available for purchase. The first flight was “Flight One: From Sea to Sky” featuring Blueberry Cassis, 7%, Rhodiola Rose, 7% ABV and Watermelon Basil with a hint of Sea Salt, 4.5% ABV. “Flight Two: Roots to Rise” featured Raspberry Meyer Lemon, 7.0% ABV, Cucumber Juniper, 4.5% ABV and Adaptogen Supertonic, 4.5% ABV. The Flying Embers commitment to innovation and the company’s advancement in fermentation have led to a core lineup of 6 unique hard kombucha flavors ranging from 4.5% to 7.2% ABV. All 6 flavors are 0 sugars, 0 carbs with live probiotics and brewed with an adaptogen root blend.

Fans can place an order through the Flying Embers website and sign up for a list that will notify them of more ongoing innovation flavors and Flights to be released this Fall. Flying Embers also is offering these innovation products in special bundles that include limited edition merchandise and designs. Flying Embers is available through delivery apps and retailers nationwide, and it is also available through the Flying Embers website, offering direct delivery to many states with 2 hour delivery in LA and NYC.

Flying Embers, continues to make waves in the industry. The better-for-you alcohol company based out of Ventura, CA, has made waves as a disruptive and innovative brand in the space. Since their launch in 2017, the hand-crafted hard kombucha beverage brand has grown exponentially and is now distributed in over 40 states. Flying Embers’ is a conscious brand that’s dedicated to doing its part in building a better world. As healthy living and mindful drinking converge, Flying Embers stands by innovation and crafting libations that have better ingredients for you that actually matter.

Last month Flying Embers expanded its portfolio with the release of a new line of hard seltzers. Flying Embers Hard Seltzer is the world’s first probiotic-powered hard seltzer with antioxidants and all USDA organic ingredients. This new entry to the fast-growing category features delicious and unique flavor combinations, while delivering on the consumer need for healthier options with only 95 calories, 0 sugar, 0 carbs, USDA organic ingredients, live probiotics, and the antioxidant Vitamin C.


Flying Embers is the industry leading Better-For-You Alcohol Company making delicious hand-crafted beverages in Ventura, California. With a strong commitment to innovation, Flying Embers’ products feature the absence of negatives like sugar, carbs and calories, while also the addition of positive attributes such as live probiotics, antioxidants, adaptogens and USDA certified organic ingredients. These great tasting botanical brews with functional benefits currently include both a Hard Kombucha line and Hard Seltzer line. A proud supporter of its community, Flying Embers donates a portion of revenue to firefighters and first responder charitable organizations out of respect for their service. Flying Embers was founded in 2017 by beverage entrepreneur Bill Moses, former CEO of Kevita sparkling probiotics, which was sold to PepsiCo in 2016. Today, Flying Embers has three tap rooms in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Boston, and its products are sold in 40 states across the U.S.

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The Black Clown by Langston Hughes

Renowned opera singer Davóne Tines leads a special audio excerpt from The Black Clown, a music-theater piece adapted from the Langston Hughes poem and created by Davóne Tines, Michael Schachter, and Zack Winokur. The Black Clown had its New York Premiere at Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart Festival in 2019. We’re proud to be a part of Harlem Week!

Available from Friday, August 21 at 4:00 pm ET
Cast & Creative / The Black Clown
Adapted from the Langston Hughes poem by Davóne Tines & Michael Schachter
Music by Michael Schachter
Directed by Zack Winokur

Jaret Landon, Arranger, Music Director, Piano & Organ
Quinton “Q” Robinson, Percussion & Music Editing
Demonterious “DETOXXX” Lawrence, Bass

Davóne Tines, Sumayya Ali, Darius Barnes, Dawn Bless, Jonathan Christopher, LaVon Fisher-Wilson, Lindsey Hailes, Evan Tyrone Martin, Jhardon DiShon Martin, Brandon Michael Nase, Jamar Williams, Hailee Kaleem Wright

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Late Blooming Perennials in the LongHouse Garden

As the end of summer nears, the glorious colors of the July garden fade and many of our favorite plants no longer flower. However, have no fear – late blooming perennials to the rescue! Their eye-catching colors unfold throughout the late season and these late bloomers also provide structure to your beds and contrast to the brilliant hues of the early and mid-summer garden.
Tall Joe Pie weed (Eupatorium “Gateway” or “Riesenschirm”) is a terrific late bloomer at the back of the border and, just when we think the final garden notes have been played, native purple Ironweed Vernonia noveboracensis and its more compact cultivar, “Iron Butterfly”, offer stunning displays of fireworks. The tall yellow blooms of Native Wingstem (“Verbesina Alternifolia”) make for perfect late companion plantings as well.

At the front of the border, late blooming aster will extend a warm welcome and, earlier in the season, they are sometimes mistaken for well-maintained evergreens, although they require no trimming at all. Hardy perennial mums provide lush green foliage long before they flower and many fall blooming salvia do the same – in fact, some salvia will continue to provide color until the first heavy frost. And, let’s not forget those marvelous dahlias of the late season – how truly wonderful they are! Another dual-purpose perennial is “Arkansas Amsonia” (A. hubrechtii) as, early in the season, it presents light blue flowers at the end of its needle-like stems while its main attraction is actually its finely textured foliage. Then, in the fall, this plant turns bright gold with occasional hints of orange – a new variety, “Butterscotch”, has bright reddish stems, and I hear it will soon be available.
And now for the shade garden. Japanese Anemones are a lovely accent here — try the reliable earlier blooming A. tomentosa “Robustissima” or choose varieties of A. hupehensis as well as A. japonica and many of its hybrids. The hardiest of the later blooming varieties is tall white A. “Honorine Jobert” as some of the double flowered and more compact cultivars are not always reliable. We are expecting newer and hardier varieties to arrive soon so ask your favorite garden center about these – in particular, keep an eye out for the “Swan Series”. And take note that it’s best to plant your fall blooming anemones early in the season as they may not come back if planted late. One more shade loving plant to consider is the toad lily — its lovely flowers will really brighten up this section of the garden.

Last but not least, plant your fall blooming bulbs in spots where your perennials have receded into the ground – autumn crocuses do well in a location with sun but need some shelter as well and “Colchicum” will also tolerate part shade/part sun.

If you decide not to continue deadheading your perennials in the late season, many of them will display striking seedheads so experiment a bit and see if you like the look. Here, at LongHouse, you will see some examples of this and we look forward to sharing our vast variety of plantings and magnificent collection of sculpture when next you visit. Just reserve your tickets at and happy late season gardening!

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Medal of Honor GC Club Championship

Saturday, September 19 at 8:30 AM to Sunday, September 20 at 2:30 PM
Medal of Honor Golf Course 3313 Fuller Heights Road Quantico, VA

The Medal of Honor Golf Course is excited to announce that registration for the 2020 Club Championship is now OPEN! The Club Championship will be hosted on September 19th and 20th. See all details in the below flyer. Reserve your spot now before it’s too late by registering in person or via phone with the pro-shop staff! 7037842424.

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CRM Training – Trauma Resource Institute

The Trauma Resiliency Model® (TRM) Training is designed to teach skills to individuals and clinicians helping children and adults with traumatic stress reactions. TRM® focuses on the biological basis of trauma and the automatic survival responses that the human body uses when faced with perceived threat. Survivors often report a renewed sense of hope as the activities of daily living become easier to manage as skills are incorporated into life as a wellness practice.

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Training Sessions – Trauma Resource Institute

As a trauma educational organization we are committed to the following values:

Every individual, child and adult, has a natural-born resiliency.
When a traumatic event has resulted in symptoms, individuals are entitled to treatment that is gentle, effective and culturally-sensitive.
Education and intervention about the common reactions to traumatic experiences must be available to diverse populations and cultures.
Treatment of individuals suffering from traumatic stress reactions must be accessible and affordable to all members of society.
Enhancing the capacity of communities to provide for their own members rather than relying on outside ‘experts” creates resiliency –informed communities.

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Pondside Painting with Armand Cabrera

Saturday, September 12 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
The Clifton Institute 6712 Blantyre Rd, Warrenton, VA

Join us for a lovely afternoon of pond-side painting with Armand Cabrera, award-winning, self-taught, oil & watercolor painter represented by galleries across the United States. He has been juried into many national exhibitions and honored with top awards at many of these shows. Armand is often published in regional and internationally-known art publications including International Artist Magazine, American Art Collector, Art of the West, Art Business News, The Piedmont Virginian, Elan, Lifestyle, Plein Air and Southwest Art Magazines. He also teaches studio and plein air painting. Learn more on his blog:

For this event, Armand will do a live, two-hour painting demo as he discusses his process and offers tips. Program attendees are welcome to watch him work, ask questions, and/or bring their own art supplies to set up around the pond and take advantage of the inspiration nature provides.

This event will be entirely outdoors and limited to 10 participants, with social distancing required and masks strongly recommended. Registration is required:

IMPORTANT: If you are registered for this event and can no longer attend, please let us know as soon as possible. Due to smaller group size limits already imposed by COVID-19, many of our events have waitlists, and a few ‘no-shows’ can have a significant impact on the success of a program. We enjoy planning, promoting, and hosting these events and want to make sure they are available to everyone who is interested in attending.

The cover photo is one of Armand’s paintings of the Clifton Institute Farmhouse!

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A Plant-Based Egg Substitute with The Same Great Eggy Taste

They say you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Whoever came up with the saying never heard of the Vegg, everything you’d want from an egg without all the bad stuff. In fact, the Vegg is 100% plant-based ingredients with the same delicious eggy taste.

“We saw a dramatic spike in sales when the pandemic hit because people wanted something that would last and was healthy, too,” said Harold A. Bollaci, C.E.O. of the Vegg New York, purveyors and distributors of the world’s healthiest 100% plant-based egg substitute. “When stay at home orders were lifted, sales didn’t slow. People realize how great the Vegg is and they are continuing to buy it.”

The Vegg offers four products that are all 100% plant-based egg substitutes.

-Vegg Yolk Mix is the company’s signature product. Add water and it replicates the taste and texture of an egg yolk.
-The Vegg Scramble Mix, packed with protein, is meant to replace a regular egg and is a stand-alone product.
-The Vegg Baking Mix, which sold out during the early part of the shutdown, is used as a binding agent in baking.
– The Vegg French Toast Mix, makes the fluffiest French Toast with fat-free and cholesterol-free plant-based egg substitute that is high in Vitamin A and B12.

There’s even a Vegg cookbook packed with 80 pages of great-tasting vegan recipes.

Although the Vegg was originally created for the vegan market, it appeals to a broad range of customers, is great for health-conscious consumers as well as those with egg allergies. It is distributed worldwide.

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“In Between” by ZAZ10TS in Times Square

“In Between” is a new concept of video art exhibition curated by ZAZ10TS and presented on ZAZ Corner where continuous artwork is displayed for 15 seconds at a time on a large LED billboard in the heart of Times Square. Curated videos are interspersed between commercial messages every 2 minutes. Starting in September 2020, a new artist will be selected for the showcase each month.

ZAZ Corner, or as referred to by founder Tzili Charney as her “Artistic Mezuzah,” aims to engage the public with visuals that are different from the urban environment. With the launch of ZAZ Corner, ZAZ10TS is working with artists, organizations, universities, and cultural institutions to bring a wide selection of artwork to its digital billboard.
The “In Between” venue will kick off with artist Ben Hagari on September 1st with his pandemic inspired “About Face” video series. Ben Hagari is an award-winning artist whose artwork has been shown in prominent museums around the world. The “About Face” video project is shot entirely at home in New York City as the artist was isolated and stayed in place during the COVID 19 pandemic. The character, constrained by limited expression and space, continues to navigate daily routines. The faceless protagonist found new relevance with everyone around wearing masks, concealing their faces, and inevitably their facial expressions. The expressionless protagonist is shown from the back of his head which is shaved and a projected face void of all facial features. His wardrobe including footwear is worn with the front side on the back and all his movements are reversed.

“The scenarios portray a mundane existence in a world whose marks have been erased. Books have no titles or words, photographs are blanked out, labels are removed; we are left with data. It generates a binary structure: backward and forward, front and rear, serious and funny,” says Ben Hagari.


About Ben Hagari

Ben Hagari was born in Tel Aviv and lives and works in NYC. His work has been shown internationally in several solo exhibitions at the Rose Art Museum, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and Flora Ars+Natura in Bogotá. Selected group exhibitions featuring his work include the Sculpture Center in New York as part of their In-Practice survey of contemporary sculptures, the Whitechapel Gallery in London, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, Kunst im Tunnel Contemporary Art Museum in Düsseldorf, and the Israel Museum among others. Hagari has received numerous awards and fellowships for his work, including the Israel Ministry of Culture Prize in Art, the Foundation for Contemporary Art Emergency Grant, the David Berg Foundation Fellowship at Columbia University, and the Chami Fruchter Award for an Emerging Video Artist. He has attended several residency programs, including the LMCC (Lower Manhattan Cultural Council) residency Process Space at Governors Island in New York, the Fountainhead Residency in Miami, and the Bronner Residency in Düsseldorf. Hagari has also received a B.Ed Fine Arts degree from the Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl College in Israel (2008), and an MFA from Columbia University in New York (2014).

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