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Bored Games

We’re now just shy of a year into the pandemic and I’m not sure there’s anyone out there who hasn’t gone at least a little stir-crazy. This is just one of the reasons I was excited to see the book BORED GAMES on our spring list! The 100+ games in this book are perfect to play with spouses, kids, siblings, roommates, close friends or anyone you’re comfortable competing against. They’ll help take you out of your own head and connect with your household for a fun night in. They can be modified to play on your favorite video conferencing platform – bye bye awkward zoom and hello intergenerational family laugh-fest with a 1920s dance-off, or get all the juicy gossip with an online never-would-i-ever with your friends (and lots of wine!).

The games in this book come in all varieties; some require a few household items to play with, many require nothing but imagination and a competitive spirit. There are art & creativity games (Mad Lib Story, Mug Shots); competition games (Apple on a String, Name the Celebrity); decade party games (Pin the Mullet on the Dude, Dress-and-Dash Relay); dinner party games (All Thumbs, Musical Teacups); group games (Improv in a Bag, Prediction Bingo); minute-to-win games (Leap Spoon, Tabletop Pyramid); summer games (Carrot Toss, Puff Ball Fight); scavenger hunt games; and truth-or-dare games.

We could all use one more tool in our arsenal when it comes to combatting quarantine fatigue, so why not give BORED GAMES a try?

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Play To Learn With Geomag

Geomag build learning into all their toys and incorporate STEM into the foundations of play. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is these 4 areas in which the children of today will become the real superheroes of tomorrow.

Geomag Mechanics are created to help children learn all whilst having fun. Allowing children to experiment, master and create their own conceptions helps them learn in an exciting environment. Through science, technology, engineering, and mechanics Geomag has them all in their fun toy range.

The Geomag Mechanics 86 Magnetic Motion Set allows children to build incredible and exciting inventions. The bigger they build the more dynamic it gets. With magnetising, rotating and chain reactions they can make anything they wish. Geomag stimulates creativity, inventiveness, and intelligence to allow a child to master mechanical and magnetic forces. Ideal for children aged 7+ The Geomag Mechanics 86 Magnetic Motion Set costs $29.99 from Target.

For younger children the Geomag Magicube Animal Friends are ideal. The Stem.org certified toy encourages problem solving and tunes fine motor skills. The blocks are polarized and can connect on any side. With aninals on each side children can learn about nature and stem whilst having fun.

The Geomag Magicube Animal Friends cost $14.59 from Target

Download the Geomagworld app on iOS and Android stores or check out the web version, with interactive instructions for all product lines and many alternative ideas to create and share your new construction projects!

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You Are Not the Father

The adult board game “The Maury Show: You Are Not The Father,” based on the popular daytime talk show, “Maury” hosted by Maury Povich, is available on Amazon.

The show is known for its compelling relationship drama, family issues, infidelity, and signature paternity tests. “The Maury Game: You Are Not The Father” will allow players to clear their name, “Maury” style, with this hilarious party game for adults. The game challenges players to prove their nonpaternity through a series of outrageous accusations and laugh-out-loud arguments. At the end, a paternity test is “performed” and the “results” lie in each player’s Test Results envelope. Play your cards right to increase your odds of innocence and to turn the “Maury” audience against your competitors before the big reveal. Only one will be the father — don’t let it be you!

“‘You Are Not The Father’ celebrates our outrageous guests and the absurd excuses they use on our paternity episodes,” said Povich. “The game is fun, funny, and the best part is, there are no real babies involved.”

“You don’t have to be familiar with the paternity tests on ‘Maury’ to have a great time playing this game,” said Paul Faulhaber, Executive Producer of ‘Maury.’ “As for our die-hard fans, they are going to absolutely love it!”

“Maury” is executive produced by Paul Faulhaber. “Maury” is distributed in national syndication by NBCUniversal Television Distribution and produced by Stamford Media Center Productions, the same production team behind successful NBCU talk shows including “The Steve Wilkos Show,” “The Jerry Springer Show,” and the new “Judge Jerry.”

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Casino Royale


Thursday, October 22 from 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Bohemian National Hall, 321 East 73rd St, NYC

A fun night of casino games, drinks and small bites to benefit the Little Baby Face Foundation. Feel free to visit website if you are interested in finding the top Virtue Fusion bingo sites and promo codes.

Please join us and the brilliant staff from Yebo Yes Casino to honor Ms. Robin Fox of Pisa Brothers Travel and Mrs. Lauralouise Duffy-Blatt, co-founder of the organization, for their genuine dedication and exceptional service to the Little Baby Face Foundation. You must be ready for the harsh penalties for Turkish online casino players by blocking online casino ISPs.

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Have you tried this new music/rhythm language learning game that just launched called Lyriko?

It’s a nice game to play while on a flight to brush up on a new language, or just to have fun with learning any time, if you love this game you will love the hack mod tips.

Lyriko allows players to practice the foundational skills required to learn a foreign language by listening to songs and playing mini-games. As of launch day, the game supports Spanish for English-speaking players and English for several languages including Spanish and Portuguese.

Skylight Games founder Dan Roy stresses the importance of language learning skills. He notes the challenges inherent in immigration and business and makes special mention of the cultural value of linguistic fluency.

The game has been in development for a couple years now and has already received great reviews and awards too!

Available for iOS and Android: