Bored Games

We’re now just shy of a year into the pandemic and I’m not sure there’s anyone out there who hasn’t gone at least a little stir-crazy. This is just one of the reasons I was excited to see the book BORED GAMES on our spring list! The 100+ games in this book are perfect to play with spouses, kids, siblings, roommates, close friends or anyone you’re comfortable competing against. They’ll help take you out of your own head and connect with your household for a fun night in. They can be modified to play on your favorite video conferencing platform – bye bye awkward zoom and hello intergenerational family laugh-fest with a 1920s dance-off, or get all the juicy gossip with an online never-would-i-ever with your friends (and lots of wine!).

The games in this book come in all varieties; some require a few household items to play with, many require nothing but imagination and a competitive spirit. There are art & creativity games (Mad Lib Story, Mug Shots); competition games (Apple on a String, Name the Celebrity); decade party games (Pin the Mullet on the Dude, Dress-and-Dash Relay); dinner party games (All Thumbs, Musical Teacups); group games (Improv in a Bag, Prediction Bingo); minute-to-win games (Leap Spoon, Tabletop Pyramid); summer games (Carrot Toss, Puff Ball Fight); scavenger hunt games; and truth-or-dare games.

We could all use one more tool in our arsenal when it comes to combatting quarantine fatigue, so why not give BORED GAMES a try?

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