Wonderfully Weird, by Drake Hunter

“Wonderfully Weird: Seven Strange Ways to Define a Life of Wonder” by Drake Hunter is a spiritual guidebook designed to help readers break free from their mundane daily routines and step into their God-given destiny. Hunter explains how a person’s destiny falls under one of four categories, which is their potential divine image. Hunter developed the “Wonderfully Weird Assessment” based upon research from Dr. David Keirsey, Dr. Stephen Montgomery, the author’s dear personal friend, Dr. Ray Lincoln, and others, to help readers determine if they fall into one of four divine image categories: Lion, Man, Ox and Eagle. Throughout the book, Hunter explains how these divine images correlate to the reader’s destiny set forth by God and how, based on what archetype they fall under, they can live a full, exciting life that was meant for them. He provides personal examples as well as examples from the Bible (such as each of the Four Evangelists falling under the four divine image types) to establish a real-life demonstration of individuals that represent each archetype.

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