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BBQ Blends from Sugar Plum

Wow. I got a sample of these to try at home and they are fantastic.

Pour some of these on your ribs (I used the boneless ones) and rub it in. Don’t worry about it getting on your hands, that just means you’ll be smelling the aroma even closer! 😉

Cook them nice and slow, on the grill or in the oven, and you will be amazed at the marvelous flavor that’s released. What an improvement over my old method based on just the barbecue sauce.

Don’t wait. Try these today.

– reviewed by Chuck Gregory, Party Digest webmaster, Fort Lauderdale

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Italian plant-based milk – Koita

The Wall Street Journal recently called out Koita (www.koita.com) as one of the best plant-based milks after rigorous testing, naming them the plant-based milk line “For the Gourmand” and saying its “organic almond milk tastes uncannily like marzipan.”

The Soy for Coffee was developed by 4 Italian Baristas so when I say it froths, it really froths!

Koita’s mission is to bring you premium Italian, healthy, clean tasting, 100% pure, plant-based milks. And guess what, their milks are all shelf stable! Which means they can be stored in your pantry for a very long time!

Their vision is to make sure everyone can “Eat Good” because when you eat good, you feel good, which makes you want to do good. We have a great passion for this – some say they can even taste it!

Launched in 2013 in Dubai by American Mustafa Koita, and introduced to the US market in 2020, the Koita team has been working hard to bring their customers happiness with every sip.

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Welcome the Jewish New Year with Royal Wine’s Award-Winning and Innovative Releases from the World’s Premier Wine Regions

(Bayonne, NJ, AUGUST 17, 2021) – There’s little time to catch your breath between summer and the High Holiday season this year. With Labor Day and Rosh Hashana sharing the same date on the calendar, it’s not too soon to start thinking about festive meals, gatherings with loved ones, and other traditions that go hand-in-hand with the fall Jewish holidays.

Fortunately, we’ve had another exceptional year for kosher wine production. That means there’s an excellent selection of exciting releases to choose from – and one less thing to worry about. They’re ready to serve now, so whether you’re planning to host a crowd or be a guest, you’re sure to find something deliciously suitable for the holiday table.

Wine expert Gabriel Geller, Director of PR and Manager of Wine Education for Kedem/Royal Wine, has recommendations for wines that offer quality and value across all price points.

Herzog Wine Cellars celebrates the new Jewish year with its first release of the Herzog Limited Edition Chalk Hill Chardonnay 2020 (MSRP: $60). This rich and complex white wine is the result of careful harvest planning and skillful winemaking, led by Head Winemaker Joe Hurliman. The 2020 harvest in California was marked by some of the worst wildfires the Golden State has ever known. However, thanks to Divine Providence the harvest for the Chalk Hill Chardonnay took place before the fires, and yielded fruit of the highest quality.

Geller is also enthusiastic about Herzog Special Reserve Méthode Champenoise Russian River NV (MSRP $60), Herzog’s first-ever high-end Champagne method sparkling wine, is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes grown in Sonoma’s Russian River area.

He also points to Château Malartic Lagravière Blanc 2019 (MSRP $100), the first kosher cuvée release by the Bordeaux estate. Malartic received elite Grand Cru Classé status for both its red and white wines in the 1959 Classification of Vins de Graves. Now owned by the Bonnie family, Malartic has produced several kosher cuvées of its red Grand Vin in collaboration with Royal Wine since 2003. Its sister property, Château Gazin Rocquencourt, started making kosher runs in 2015.

Another exciting release is Razi’el Syrah-Carignan 2018 (MSRP $65), says Geller. Razi’el wines scored 97 points by acclaimed wine critic James Suckling – the highest rating ever for Israeli wines. Meanwhile, Europe’s first fully kosher winery, Terra di Seta in Italy, received an unprecedented 97 points and a platinum medal from Decanter magazine for the Terra di Seta Chianti Classico Riserva 2016 (MSRP $35).

While many of this year’s newcomers are produced by classic, old-world methods, some intriguing surprises are in the mix. They include Nana Estate wines (MSRP $30-$50), grown and produced in Israel’s scorching, nutrient-poor Negev Desert. Nana earned widespread buzz even before their wines were available in the U.S.; with their innovative viticulture techniques, they’ve not only beaten the odds, but they’ve crafted a collection of distinctive and popular kosher wines.

Baron Herzog, the entry-level line of value wines from Herzog Wine Cellars retailing between $10-13, are now available with fresh, new labels. Baron Herzog wines were first launched in 1986, following the winery’s establishment in California in 1985. The elegant and classy packaging further emphasizes the care and attention the Herzog family crafts each and every wine they produce from top to bottom. The Baron Herzog line includes an award-winning Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, a Rosé, White Zinfandel, Pinot Grigio, Old Vines Zinfandel, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a red blend called Aleph. Several of the wines are grown in the Herzog’s estate Prince Vineyard in Clarksburg CA, as well as from Paso Robles AVA.

Then there’s Bartenura Froscato cocktail pops (MSRP $25 per package of 12). Bartenura is no stranger to bending the rules. After introducing the wildly popular Moscato in blue cans last year, the Italian kosher producer has now released refreshing Moscato frozen wine cocktail pops. Perfect for the warmer high holiday season.

About Royal Wine/Kedem

Founded in 1848, Royal Wine Corp. is owned and operated in the United States by the Herzog family, whose winemaking roots go back eight generations to its origin in Czechoslovakia.

Today, Royal Wine’s portfolio of domestic and international wines range from traditional wine producing regions of France, Italy and Spain, as well as Israel, New Zealand and Argentina.

Additionally, Royal Wine Corp.’s spirit and liqueur portfolio offers some of the most sought-after scotches, bourbons, tequilas and vodkas as well as hard to find specialty items such as flavored brandies and liqueurs.

The company owns and operates the Kedem Winery in upstate New York, as well as Herzog Wine Cellars in Oxnard, California, a state-of-the-art-facility featuring guided wine tours, a fully staffed modern tasting room, gift shop and catering facilities. Additionally, the winery houses the award-winning restaurant Tierra Sur, serving the finest, Mediterranean-inspired, contemporary Californian Cuisine.

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One Hour Comfort by America’s Test Kitchen

Is there anything as satisfying as taking a seat and digging into your favorite comfort food? After all, Americans hold such a special place for feel-good foods and nostalgic childhood dishes that they would even name their kid after their favorite for a lifetime supply of it according to a Farm Rich survey. Thirty-five percent would name their kid “Pizza” for a lifetime supply of it, 28% would name their kid “Mozz Stick” and 27% “Ice Cream.”

While preference of dish might vary, comfort food as a whole encompasses what makes cooking so wonderful. Like a portal to your happy place, it can evoke fond memories of childhood, bring friends and family together around a table, or serve as the perfect addition to a relaxing night in. The downside of cooking when comfort-food cravings strike? Sometimes we don’t have time for the project of cooking our favorite comfort-food meals, causing us to cut corners, settle for less, or avoid the meal entirely.

Our new cookbook One-Hour Comfort offers up 170 favorite feel-good recipes that we’ve reengineered to be done in an hour (or less). There are a few recipes with cooling or chilling times that push them slightly over an hour–but we promise they’re worth it (chocolate cream pies in a jar . . . DEFINITELY worth it!). The book includes helpful hacks that break down how to complete traditionally time-intensive recipes in under an hour. An example of our test cook’s quick (cooking) thinking? Our Hoisin Glazed Meatloaf. Traditional meatloaf takes a long time to bake because of its sheer size. The solution to getting meatloaf on the table in less than an hour is simple: shrink it down to individual-size portions.

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Rings are great gifts – Starlette Galleria

Starlette Galleria has a great selection of rings at affordable prices. Since my wife turned 65 today, the ring made a perfect gift for her. The picture shows her with the ring on her finger, next to the green emerald she’s had for years. She was surprised and very happy! Don’t let the expression fool you – it’s pretty hard to get her to smile for a camera 😉

This review prepared by Chuck Gregory and that’s Lorraine, my wife, in the picture.

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EnviroKidz Waffle Pops Recipes

Waffles are a treasured breakfast choice for children around the world, giving them a boost in energy and a delicious start to the day. EnviroKidz introduced two new flavors of waffles that provide a guilt-free addition to any parent’s pantry. These flavors include Penguin Party and Polar Berry that are both gluten-free and contain 5 grams of plant-based protein per serving from navy bean, peas and beans.

EnviroKidz has created a fun, creative way to get your children to create their own healthy snacks. If you are a fan of cake pop then look no further, attached is a recipe card with step by step instructions to make waffle pops! These breakfast staples can also double as a delectable dessert.

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Healthy Coffee, and a Healthy World – Nora’s Naturals

I wasn’t expecting this to be whole beans! So my review is a bit later than it would have been, I had to buy a grinder.

It was worth it. This coffee is exquisite! Some of the best I’ve ever had, and I drink a lot of coffee. With a strong yet delicate aroma and taste that’s even better, I’m going to be enjoying this for a long time. I kind of like the grinding part.

Here are some details from their website:

Nora’s Naturals organic coffee is grown on a multi-generation family farm in the Nicaraguan Finca Isabel mountain range and hand roasted in Santa Barbara. The beans are grown in volcanic soil, rich in silica, essential for anti-aging collagen production.

Rainforest Alliance and Smithsonian Bird Certified.

3% of profits donated to the Environmental Defense Fund.

– review by Chuck Gregory, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Old Amsterdam Debuts Two New Flavors for Summer Grilling Season

Old Amsterdam Cheese, the market leader in Branded Aged Gouda in Holland and a product of the third generation 100 percent family-owned and run Westland Cheese Company, debuts two new flavors: Old Amsterdam Mild and Old Amsterdam Reserve. The new products join the current line, which includes Old Amsterdam Classic, the number one Aged Gouda in Holland and Old Amsterdam Goat, named the number one Hard Goat’s milk cheese in the world. These delicious cheeses are perfect for pairing with favorites, for amazing cheeseboards, the perfect burger, tall sandwiches, and summer salads.

Old Amsterdam Cheese leads the Branded Aged Gouda Market in Holland, and overall, Gouda cheese continues to grow in the U.S. and worldwide. Both Gouda and Goat cheese have risen in popularity among specialty cheeses over the past year. Premium and specialty cheeses continue to perform well with more people eating and entertaining at home, and many Americans have expanded beyond traditional favorites to full-flavored specialty products.

All Old Amsterdam Gouda cheese products are produced using high quality ingredients, providing a good source of calcium and protein; and being naturally lactose-free, and gluten-free.

“We are very excited to add two delicious and appealing flavors to our Aged Gouda and goat line” says Rob van Mourik, Commercial Manager Export for Old Amsterdam in North America. “The timing is right to diversify the current Old Amsterdam line up with varieties and flavors perfect for burgers, sandwiches, salads and snacking. The new flavors join the delicious line up of Aged Gouda and Goat Cheese, offering our consumers more deliciousness The Old Amsterdam Way.”

The Old Amsterdam Cheese new flavors include:

· Old Amsterdam Extra Aged Gouda, known as The Reserve. This very special cheese is aged for a minimum of 18 months and has a multitude of deep, rich flavors with bourbon, caramel, and pecan undertones and a firm, crumbly texture sparked with lots of ripening crystals. The uniqueness and flavor profile makes this an excellent treat for anytime or special occasions. It is great paired with your favorites, such as sweet and spicy roasted nuts, mixed marinated olives, honey mustard, and sweet and savory bread. It is also great with your favorite cocktail or wine.

· Old Amsterdam Mild Gouda, known as The Mild. This cheese is a worldwide favorite, due to its accessible flavor. This young Gouda is aged for a minimum of four months and has a creamy and semi-soft texture, making this an excellent cheese for melting, sandwiches, and snacking. It is great for a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, with mild meats and sourdough bread and with seasonal fruits such as green apples.

The current and popular lineup includes:

· Old Amsterdam Aged Gouda, known as The Classic. This is the #1 Aged Gouda in Holland. This Classic Gouda is aged for a minimum of eight months and has a perfect balance between sweet and savory. It has rich butterscotch undertones and a dense, smooth texture sparked with fine ripening crystals. This popular and well-loved favorite from Holland has won numerous awards and is loved internationally. It is ideal for cheese platters, recipes, and other pairings, such as almonds, jam, fruit chutney, fruits, raisin nut bread and crackers, as well as paired with a favorite wine, beer, or cocktail.

· Old Amsterdam Goat has been voted the number one Hard Goat’s Milk cheese in the world. This goat Gouda is aged for a minimum of eight months and has a very surprisingly and pleasant flavor profile and is refreshingly sweet with caramel undertones and a smooth, creamy texture with fine ripening crystals. The sweetness and texture make this great on salads, sandwiches, and in many recipes. It pairs well on a platter with hazelnuts, figs, fruits, and your favorite IPAs.

Old Amsterdam’s cheeses have won numerous awards in the past, including Best Aged Gouda and Best Hard Goat’s Milk Cheese at the World Championship Cheese Contest (United States), Best Gouda at the World Cheese Awards (United Kingdom), and Best Dutch Cheese at The International Cheese and Dairy Awards (United Kingdom).

During the 2020 World Champion Cheese Contest in Wisconsin, Old Amsterdam Goat won “Best in Class”, achieving the highest score from over 30 entries from six countries and was voted the #1 Hard Goat’s Milk cheese in the world. The judges called it “a fantastic cheese with sweet notes and a nice body” and chose it in the Top 20 Cheeses of the show. This was a major achievement, as nearly 4,000 cheeses were entered. Old Amsterdam can be found at such retailers as King’s, Raley’s, ShopRite, Albertsons, Trader Joes, Gelson’s, HEB, Hy-Vee, Lunds & Byerlys, Mariano’s, Pavilions, Safeway, and Sprouts. Old Amsterdam is also available on the Norseland e-commerce site at www.shop.norseland.com

Try this delicious burger recipe featuring Old Amsterdam for a memorable experience!


· 2 red onions

· 2 tablespoons butter

· 2 tablespoons sugar

· 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

· salt and freshly ground black pepper

· 4 tablespoons mayonnaise

· 2 teaspoons spicy pimentón (Spanish paprika) powder

· 1.6 lbs. minced beef (ask the butcher to coarsely mince beef shoulder, or use a mix of pork and beef meat)

· 2 tablespoons soy sauce

· 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

· 4 tablespoons olive oil

· 8 slices pancetta

· 4 slices Old Amsterdam

· 1 big tomato

· 8 slices of rustic, heavy bread

· 4 lettuce leaves, rinsed


Slice the onion into rings. Melt the butter and use this to fry the onion rings with the sugar. Caramelize the rings, then add balsamic vinegar and fry for another five minutes on low heat. Season with salt and pepper. Next, mix the mayonnaise and the Spanish paprika. Take the meat from the fridge and let it come to room temperature. Mix the meat with the soy sauce and the Worcestershire sauce and add salt and pepper to taste. Roll balls of approximately 6 oz. each and flatten these to form burgers. Coat the burgers with olive oil and fry in a frying pan for four to five minutes on each side, until browned. Meanwhile, fry the pancetta in another pan, until they are slightly crispy. Lay pancetta and a slice of Old Amsterdam on top of each burger. Cover with the lid and let the cheese melt for about 30 seconds. Cut the tomato into four thick slices. Spread a thick layer of the spicy mayonnaise on four slices of bread. Add a slice of tomato, a burger, and finally a good helping of the caramelized onion rings and top it with another slice of bread each.

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Vosa: Ultra-Premium Vodka Infused Sparkling Water Cocktail

Vosa made its U.S. launch at the Sports Illustrated swim show Saturday, July 10th at the Mondrian Hotel Miami Beach, inaugurating the official partnership between the hotel and the new ultra-premium vodka-infused sparkling water cocktail.

More than 1000 guests attended and celebrities such as TikToker Jade Kircus, actress Jena Sims, TV personality Nicole Williams English, Marcel Katz a.k.a The Art Plug, Taylor Morland, models CJ Gibson & Taylor Morland, NFL’s Wes Saunders, Duke Riley, & Olumide Ogunjobi and others were seen enjoying this very unique water cocktail.

Vosa is now distributed up and down the East Coast from New York to Miami and will be launching on the West Coast in Autumn 2021.

Vosa sets itself apart from other libations within this category by using all ultra-premium ingredients and is 100% organic and natural. Sparkling water instead of hard seltzer, real fruit juices, and six-time distilled vodka as opposed to using a malt-based liquor like many of its competitors. It has a very clean, light, and refreshing taste. Vosa only has 99 calories, zero sugars, zero carbs, and is gluten-free! The product was a real hit with the Sports Illustrated models.

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Posh Monaco Bags: On the Go with Style

Luxurious, Sleek and Versatile, the Luli Bebe Monaco Is THE Must Have Bag For Trendsetters, Travelers and Families On-The-Go.

Sophisticated, sleek and luxurious, the eco-friendly Monaco backpack style diaper and travel bags by Luli Bebe are one-of-a-kind in the world of chic and stylish gear. Monaco’s easy-carry and durable design make it the perfect fashionable companion for both every day on the go use as well as on your weekend getaway or longer travels. These beauties are now available in a variety of posh colors!

Cocktails in a Can – Clubtails

Clubtails Cocktails are crafted from a proprietary fermented malt base like traditional beer, but with an extra kick! Geloso has spent a lot of time perfecting the taste profile so their products taste like an actual spirit based cocktail.

Clubtails are 10% ABV flavored malt beverages that taste like your favorite cocktails.

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Sunburn Soap and Spray – Wild Organic Skincare

More than 100 million Americans get sunburned every year and are seeking real relief. Despite the myriad of products available to treat sunburn, none of them are specifically made for the shower – until now. A new, all-natural product from WILD Organic Skincare, a woman-owned, American skincare company, can help sunburn sufferers feel better faster.

“The Original Sunburn Soap is handcrafted with aloe extract, honey, coconut milk, marshmallow root, witch hazel, and peppermint oil, and will gently exfoliate dead skin and heal sunburn at the same time,” said Monika Angelini, inventor of the The Original Sunburn Soap.

The first shower after getting burned is a crucial moment in determining how long and painful your sunburn will be. Ingredients in conventional soaps can make your sunburn feel worse. The Original Sunburn Soap is fortified with certified organic, all-natural ingredients that rehydrate and gently exfoliate skin, while decreasing redness, irritation, pain, and peeling.

“Years ago, my mother-in-law asked me to make a soap bar that could help alleviate the terrible sunburn she was suffering from. The combination of ingredients required to make a soap specifically for sunburns was complex and would melt after one use. After seven years of research and experimentation, we can proudly say that this one-of-a-kind soap is finally ready to share with the world. And, the best part is it actually works!” said Monika.

The creation of The Original Sunburn Soap sparked more innovative ideas for after sun remedies, but also raises an important question: What can you do the moment you realize you got too much sun? Enter WILD’s After Sun Recovery Spray with Hyaluronic Acid, a powerful rehydrator that’s ready to use with instant, on-the-spot results. A spray that will cool the skin, replenish moisture, and ease stinging redness. Using this spray combined with The Original Sunburn Soap, the owner claims that most sunburns can be cut down to one day or less!

“The Original Sunburn Soap and After Sun Recovery Spray are a powerful combination for treating sunburns. The soap is perfect for reducing irritation and gliding on silky smooth during that first shower. The recovery spray builds on the benefits from the sunburn soap, providing hydration and healing,” said Monika.

Wild Organic Skincare finely handcrafts organic skin care products from scratch. Everything from the formulas, to making the soap, to the custom labeling and packaging, is all done by hand. After 10 years, WILD Organic Skincare continues to innovate new products and strives to be the leader in affordable organic skin care.

Monika and Brandon can comment on the following hot topics:

Why The Original Sunburn Soap and Forever Summer skincare line are different from anything on the market.

How their soaps and skincare products are made to treat different skin types.

Why conventional soaps and skincare products rarely contain 100% transparency about their ingredients, source, sustainability, and overall quality, and why skincare packaging and ingredient lists are too often convoluted and confusing.

Why going natural is better.

The challenges and opportunities of being a woman-owned start-up and what Monika would tell other women interested in pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.

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