Vickie Vidov’s Secret



Vidov Gets to the Root of it, Starting with the Scalp

NEW YORK, NY (November 24, 2015) – As we move into the depth of winter, many of us will be slathering on vitamin-enriched lip balm and lotion, but what about our hair?  Today, Vickie Vidov, NYC hairstylist to the stars, reveals her secrets on how to keep your hair healthy – by starting with your scalp!

“So many of my clients come in and ask what they can put on their hair to make it softer, thicker and longer,” said Vidov.  “But what most people don’t know is that the secret to beautiful, healthy hair starts with the scalp. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and your scalp needs attention too.  We must begin with that and gorgeous hair will follow.”

Vidov offers the following tips for scalp health:

  • Exfoliate, Replenish, Repeat.

Ask your stylist to provide you with regular scalp dermabrasions (shampoos that focus on removing buildup from your scalp) and scrub exfoliators. We often shampoo and condition only the hair shaft and we forget the scalp.  We see incredible growth happen when we use an exfoliator to clear the pores on the scalp.  Each pore has up to 3 hair follicles, some that may be hiding because of product or build-up (such as sebum containing high levels of DHT).  Once you clear the pores in the scalp, it allow the follicles to breathe and grow stronger, creating more thickness.

  • Slather on Scalp Oil Treatments.

We use all kinds of lotions and potions all over our body, so why not on the scalp?  Especially during the cold months of winter, it is important to moisturize your scalp, as well.  This moisture carries over into the hair, increases scalp micro-circulation and the delivery of essential nutrients to the hair bulb, creating soft locks!

  • Give Yourself a Massage.

Our clients are often very gentle and precious with their scalp and that is one of their worst mistakes.  Massage stimulates the blood flow to the scalp, promoting growth.  So don’t be afraid to massage your scalp with the same level of strength and fervor that your stylist uses in his/her sink.  Plus, it feels great!

  • Product Quality Counts.

Yes, there are lovely products that market themselves as “great smelling and fragrant” or “shampoos that create bounce and shine.” But those aren’t always the best for your scalp.  It is ok to use them once in a while, but try to stick with high-end products from the salon like Rene Furterer or Oribe. Just like you shouldn’t eat burgers and fries every day, you should avoid using “junk food for your hair.”

  • Take Your Scalp’s Temperature.

Your scalp is the barometer of overall health. If something is wrong in the body your hair reacts and focus goes elsewhere, not the scalp.  So if you start to see that you are losing hair or that your scalp is flaky or itchy, see your dermatologist or general practitioner. It is often a warning sign.

Vidov has surrounded herself with talented stylists, including Bradley Moreland, who has an educational background in the pharmaceutical industry. Moreland understands the science behind the products and brings the brains to the beauty of the industry to perfect his clients’ hair from the inside as well as the outside.

Moreland said: “I always teach my clients the key to great hair starts with the foundation it rests on. People sometimes forget that the hair grows from the skin, and it is important to keep that skin and its pores healthy.”

About Vickie Vidov:

Vidov is an accomplished senior stylist and colorist. She is a second generation stylist and knowing that her passion for beauty and hair was her calling, Vickie began her career upon graduating from high school. She has since been delivering a range of quality hair services to the West Village for over 20 years. Through focused communication she is able to meet the individual needs of her clients, achieving the desired look with innovative expertise. Vickie is celebrated as a top stylist and has been featured in such publications as: In Style Magazine, Glamour Magazine, New York Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.

About The Vidov Salon:

Nestled in the heart of the West Village, The Vidov Salon is an extension of the neighborhood itself, offering a sophisticated yet welcoming setting. The Vidov Salon is home to a team unified by a shared passion while still embracing and integrating individual concepts in hair artistry. Working as collaborators creates a dynamic and inspired environment: an environment which establishes a level of excellence that serves to enhance the beauty experience for each of our clients with ease and grace. So whether it’s a classic cut, a new trend, color, extensions, or a re-texturizing treatment, we’re here to design a look that is the very best for you. The Vidov Salon is a long-held dream come true. It is in that spirit of joy that we approach our work, dedicated to achieving a look that is an external reflection of your internal beauty. Many celebrities entrust the salon to care for their hair including: Julianne Moore, Drea de Matteo, Sunrise Ruffalo, Kristin Wiig, Poppy Montgomery, and others.

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