Traveling this holiday? Think seat protector! – Assuage

Many people are making their travel plans. One thing that should be included in that plan is taking measures to ensure that travel is safer, which will help reduce exposure to viruses and germs. One company, Assuage, is making it simple for people to have clean, germ-free, seating anywhere they go. Its new seat protectors may be lightweight and easy to take along, but they provide a crucial barrier before taking a seat.

“Whether we are traveling across town or across the country, we will need to take a seat at some point,” explains Amelia Gundersen-Herman, co-founder of Assuage. “Do yourself a favor and put a simple barrier between your body and that public seat. Doing so can go a long way toward helping you to avoid those germs and viruses, and to help keep you healthy while traveling.”

According to the National Institutes of Health, the COVID-19 virus can be detected on some surfaces for up to three days. Further, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the flu virus can live on some surfaces for up to 48 hours. This makes it crucial that surfaces be properly and routinely disinfected. However, many public seats are overlooked and are not being cleaned as often as they should be. This makes it important for people to take matters into their own hands in order to help reduce exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses.

Assuage makes it simple for people to have a clean place to take a seat. The convenient seat covers were made for people on the go. They are lightweight, small, and easy to carry around.

The seat protectors created by Assuage have been designed to fit most seats and take just seconds to put over them. The elastic around the edges helps hold the seat protector in place, so that it won’t slide around or fall down like a blanket or towel would. The Ultra Cozy model is reusable and is made from comfortable, soft, breathable fleece. The Recyclable model is meant for a single-use and can then be dropped into a recycling bin. Assuage seat protectors are ideal for anyone who may be in a situation where they will be using public seating including airplanes, public transportation, waiting rooms, salons, theaters, classrooms, stadiums, rental cars, and more.

“We cannot leave it up to businesses to ensure that everything is properly sanitized all of the time,” added TJ Wronski, co-founder of Assuage. “That’s why we created this product. Our seat protectors not only create a necessary barrier on the seat, but they also bring people peace of mind. That alone makes traveling more enjoyable anytime of the year.”

The Ultra Cozy reusable seat protector comes in three colors, including blue skies, jet black, and sakura blossom pink. It comes with a reusable carry bag, making it easy to tote around. Simply stretch the elastic top over the back of the headrest, and there’s a barrier on the seat. The Ultra Cozy is machine-washable and made from soft 100% polyester fleece. The Recyclable seat protector is made of all recyclable materials, is soft, and comes in a resealable package of two. To learn more about the seat protectors, visit the site at: To see a video of how Assuage seat protectors are used, visit YouTube:

Assuage was created by Amelia Gundersen-Herman and TJ Wronski, who reside in Dubai. She is a Pennsylvania native who has a master’s degree in international business. He is a native of the Toronto area and has a master’s degree in business administration. Their U.S. business is centered out of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, while their Canadian business is centered out of the Toronto area. The company was started out of the necessity for making sure that their family was protected during their heavy commuting and traveling.

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