Royalty Spirits Premium Mixers

Chaunci King of Royalty Spirits is, the first African American woman to own a spirits company in the Paciic Northwest, boasting fun flavors like Miru pear-infused vodka and caramel-colored Rex rye whiskey. Highlighting rich taste, high quality and longevity, Miru is an ultra premium vodka made from pure Pacific Cascades spring water and grain, distilled multiple times to rid of any impurities to ensure a smooth mouthful. Originating from an old wives tale about the saurian goddess of the sea and inspired by female dominance and divine stature, each bottle of Miru features the goddess form, signifying the beauty of the bottles and the power of the drinks. Rex is artfully aged in charred Bordeaux wine barrels, and it’s essence overloads your palate with a rich, smooth finish. The company is debuting three non-alcoholic one-of-a-kind cocktail mixers infused with CBD, for teas, iced coffees, mocktails and more with full mobile bartending services.

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