iLive Wireless Tailgate Speaker

Sports are back, which means tailgate parties are starting up again and this year, they’ll be more exciting than ever. After a year of being deprived of tournaments, games and the thrill of scoring at the last second, fans are itching to get back to sporting events. Hanging out with friends, grilling food and seeing who can drink the most beers before the doors open up are staples of any good tailgate party. But not having a speaker to blast your tunes and keep up with the crowd’s hype is a major buzzkill.

The iLive Wireless Tailgate Speaker is a must-have for any sports fanatic. The Bluetooth capable device can jam out tunes hours before and after the game without needing to be charged, has a carrying handle to bring the party with you wherever you go, provides easy volume control to drown out your competitor’s party and the wireless range can reach up to 60 feet to keep your music blasting even when your phone isn’t near it. And with the ability to change the LED light colors, even your speaker can rep your favorite team’s colors.

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