Grab the Bubbly. . .Enjoy it New Year’s Eve or the Entire Week

The new year is full of sparkle and it’s a great time to crack open that bottle of bubbly.  Champagne is a great accompaniment to cocktails, adding just a touch of refreshment.  Plus, mimosas are a great way to toast the weekend on the beach, at the lake or on vacation.

The problem is, once you open a bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine, you usually have to drink it right away.  And, while this might not seem like an issue with the first bottle, the second bottle is usually in danger of spoiling.  Keeping those bubbles popping can be tough.

Until now. . . .this great bubble-lasting, champagne popping and sparkling wine must-have is created by two wine veterans.



This is the New Year’s hosts’ must-have.

It allows you to open that bottle of bubbly tonight AND enjoy it tomorrow or the next day . . .up to a week!

The product is appropriately named, CapaBubbles.

Yup – keep on celebrating through the summer all weekend – or week – long!

CapaBubbles retails for just $15.95.

Definitely a good investment for the champagne lover.

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