Root’d: The Newest Must-Have for the Keto Diet

If you’re interested in helping keto fanatics to achieve our health and fitness goals, please consider the best new multivitamin on the market — it gives us all the probiotics, super greens, electrolytes and vitamins+nutrients we need: and it’s a zero sugar, zero carb, delicious daily drink that is 100% keto! (no more pills to swallow or remembering to take multiple supplements – yay!)

Here are more details about Root’d multivitamin drinks:

Root’d formulas are created specifically for men, women and prenatal mothers
Designed to increase your immunity, energy and nutrient levels using the Science of Nutrition Booster + ™
The combination of full-spectrum vitamins + minerals, probiotics, and electrolytes infused with the chemistry of super greens gives us this ultimate nutrient absorption (maximizing the amount and rate of our ability to take in these vitamins) and also increases hydration and balances digestion
Root’d costs less than $1.29 per day on, on Amazon, or at Sprouts stores nationwide

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