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What a unique and yet understated word. When it comes to writing there are many different views of it. When looking at the word Writing you have to consider Novels, Blogging, Articles, Columns and even just a simple letter to someone. Each ones has a different style, different accomplishments and what you need to do. As a writer myself, and yes I write more than just a note to someone, I have found that there are few common items that never change. You begin with the reader or focus group, this happens to be the one in the same whether it is a Sister, Brother or hopefully your next fan. Writing allows up to express our thoughts in the most fulfilling way, completely. Another fact that stays the same no matter what it is you are writing is the structure of the words themselves. They have to complete a conscious thought, they have to make sense to the person reading it and they have to have a beginning and ending. Now when it comes to Blog Writing you obviously have those that write everyday about what they are doing. These post still have a first and last word to them, they have a beginning and ending, even if that ending is continued in another post. As people spend more time online they will find themselves writing on a variety of topics. These Topics can range from cooking to childcare and home repairs, But there are also topics out there on how to make you home life easier and why you want to. When deciding what to say or how long to say it, one real thing to consider is getting your thoughts structured and out there without over repeating them constantly. Remember no one likes to be talked at but many like to be talked to. The same goes for writing, write to them not lecture them. Dee Owens

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