Courage Cup Summer Swing Under the Stars


Kirsten Murdock was showing everyone the money. It was a good cause after all raising funds for the Courage Cup.

Event host Andrea Rodgers in the swanky penthouse at AKA The White House which graciously donated the space for the evening. The brie was delicious!

Realtor Tanya Lynn Sabel (the blonde in the middle) with DJ Seyhan Duru's Parisian girlfriend who just moved to the US to be with Duru and enjoy the Washington social scenery.

Cheryl P. Ibanez, Community Affairs Coordinator, Public Affairs, GEICO (2nd to right) had five and then some minutes to kill with her recessionistahs.

Lot's of classy couture and cocktails throughout the evening.

Co-organizers Andrea Rodgers and Mike Carson, Owner & Social Media Producer, Mike Carson Creative basking in the glow at the event. Kudos to Rodgers for pulling off the fab affair even after the swing band canceled at 5 pm fearing rain. She quickly substituted with DJ Seyhan Duru who was out for a drive when he got a SOS call from Rodgers and agreed on the spot to DJ the party! (see below)

Laid-off-lobbyist Kara networked with Bruce Boxer, Systems Engineer, DoD Intelligence Support Services, General Dynamics (r) and a friend.

Josh Hedrington, Corporate Sales Manager for AKA White House with a volunteer made sure the penthouse was swanky for the sizzle. Josh tells us AKA White House, a extended stay hotel, has over 75% occupancy and rooms rent from $235 to $345. Guess whatä They still have rooms available for the Fourth of July and with the top-floor deck watching the fireworks could be amazing! Contact Josh and tell him we sent ya!

DC Girls in the Know co-founders Chris Jacobs (l) and Julie O'Brien (r) were ensconsed by Andrea Rodgers. The girls travel in pairs and almost missed the party. Better late than never!