Defy CBD infused Performance Drinks

After an intense workout, the body loses more than just sweat: it also loses key electrolytes and essential minerals. With research showing that many performance drinks on the market today are jam-packed with simple sugars, most sports drinks won’t offer an actual “recovery” post-workout.

With record high temperatures this year and consumers refusing to go back to re-opened gyms post-COVID, how can we stay healthy and hydrated during scorching summer outdoor workouts?

The answer is DEFY, the first and only CBD-infused performance drink with 0% THC. Founded by NFL Hall of Famer and Super Bowl XXXII MVP Terrell Davis, DEFY is a first-of-its-kind beverage that uses patented technology to capture the benefits of CBD and pair it with essential vitamins and minerals designed to revitalize you even after the toughest workouts.

DEFY’s latest line of performance beverages are now available in 20-calorie, zero-sugar flavors. This way, consumers can get the healthiest option without compromising on flavor. Here’s a list of must-have post-workout essentials formulated to help DEFY your limits:

Orange Mango Zero boasts a delicious wave of tropical and tangy flavors that collide to propel peak performance, now with zero added sugar.
Mixed Berry Zero allows you to energize the mind and supercharge recovery with blended berry flavors and zero added sugar.
Lemonade Zero is packed with a thirst-quenching boost of electric citrus, now with zero added sugar.
CBD Muscle Balm was designed with a powerhouse combination of 800mg CBD, 10 percent menthol and five percent camphor to soothe stressed and tired muscles. Its no-mess, roll-on design makes this muscle balm the perfect workout bag accessory post-workout, post-game and beyond.

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