Ankomn  announced today Saviorthe world’s most powerful non-electric vacuum sealed container ever made for food, tobacco, marijuana, and herb storage. Featuring Ankomn’s patented vacuum seal technology system, Savior keeps products fresher up to 8 times longersaving waste, money, and the environmentWinner of the 2016 iF Design Award, Savior keeps everything at the peak of its freshness by forcing air out with each twist, locking out excessive humidity as well as dry air that can make products go stale. Also perfect for marinating meats, Savior keep all food and herbs fresh, including nuts, tobacco, marijuana, coffee, tea, truffles, herbs, fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, cheese, chips, and baked goods – all products will stay fresher longer in Savior’s proprietary vacuum sealed containers.

Based on Ankomn’s research, an American family of five wastes approximately $100 a month throwing out foods when they expire before being consumed. Savior keeps food fresher longer, stopping waste and saving families money (see comparison chart below). Since Savior requires no electricity, it is also great for outdoor activities, such as camping, hunting and fishing. Refrigerator and freezer safe, stacking vertically for space-efficient storage, Savior is a must-have for a modern kitchen and lifestyle. Savior is stain-resistant and easy to clean — just pop the container in the dishwasher and quickly wash out the lid in the sink (lid is not dishwasher safe because of the vacuum components).