Season’s Sardines

Tinned fish has been trending on TikTok and all over social media, and Season is leading the way as the #1 seller of sardines in the US. When it comes to sustainability, deliciousness, and convenience, our tinned boneless skinless sardines are the best and one of the most healthy options out there.

Upgrade your meals with Season’s Sardines and say goodbye to tinned tuna! Why choose sardines over tuna? Here’s why.

Powerful Nutritional Benefits: Our Season Skinless and Boneless Sardine Fillets packed with 1700mg of omega-3 fatty acids per serving—4 times more than light tuna. These essential nutrients improve brain health, boost mood, and balance hormones, giving your body the health boost it deserves.

Low Mercury Content: Sardines are a low-mercury fish, containing 15 times less mercury than tuna. Being near the bottom of the food chain, sardines don’t ingest harmful chemicals and pollutants found in larger fish.

Protein Powerhouse: Sardines are not only incredibly nutritious but also an excellent source of protein, with 22 grams per serving—comparable to a 3.5-ounce serving of tuna. You’ll get all the protein you need without the high levels of cholesterol found in other protein sources like prime sirloin.

Low Sodium Option: Our Skinless & Boneless Sardines are available in water with no salt added, making them perfect for those on salt-restricted diets.

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