Your Personal Guidance System, by Joan Spencer

“Your Personal Guidance System: Unlock the Door to the Universe and Experience the Magic” by Joan Spencer is an enlightening guidebook designed to help readers discover their deeper purpose and the incredible beauty of life. Spencer describes a human’s ‘personal guidance system’ and identifies elements of the human experience that serve as the guidance system’s messages, including feelings, conversations, passages in books and dreams. The author includes anecdotes that display personal examples of how her guidance system has led her in life (such as her move to Arizona and the miracles that followed her after the move) and introspective questions, so readers can begin to think about how their guidance system may have tried to lead them in their own lives. Spencer also provides methods and techniques for readers to build a deeper connection with their guidance system, including developing vision boards and learning to listen to opportunities that present themselves from the universe. Overall, this book is designed to encourage readers to listen to their souls’ wishes and find their true destinies on Earth.

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