WakeUp!® your day with BioLift

I have grown to LOVE this beverage and drink it daily around 2 PM ET for a mid-day pick me up 🙂

We’re excited to introduce you to WakeUp!®, the first patented formula designed to harmonize with your body’s biological clock and support focus and concentration throughout the day. This revolutionary beverage is the outcome of a decade of clinical research by InnoBev, an Israeli food-tech company specializing in Chronobiology, the science of time and its effects on living systems.

Chronobiology is the study of how every living organism – including humans – responds to the cycles of the sun and moon. Our internal biological clocks dictate our daily oscillations or circadian rhythms that repeat in cycles throughout the day – for example, sleep-wake cycles and body temperature cycles. WakeUp!® is rooted in this science. Their scientific board and advisors, specializing in Chronobiology, have found a botanical solution for naturally alleviating daytime drowsiness by aligning with these biological rhythms.

WakeUp!® isn’t just another energy drink. It’s a game-changer, improving cognitive performance and focus by up to 20% within minutes without raising heart rate or blood pressure, and without creating tolerance over time. Moreover, it’s formulated with four globally recognized extracts that work in harmony with human biology:

Guarana: Originating from the Amazon forest, Guarana contains Guaranine, a molecule similar to caffeine but released slower in the body (3-6 hours). This makes it more effective than caffeine in mental and physical stimulation without the common drawbacks.

Ginkgo Biloba or Green Tea: Powerful antioxidants that support blood circulation, assisting in delivering oxygen to the body and brain, affecting concentration, mood, fatigue, and response rates.

Elderberry: Known as the “medicinal tree”, Elderberry’s flowers have anti-viral and antioxidant effects, contributing to the proper function of the immune system.

Carob and Apple Extract: These natural, low glycemic sweeteners derived from fruits help manage fatigue by maintaining a constant sugar level, reducing a decline in energy levels for better, longer-lasting physical and mental results.


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