Salvadori Benefit


Wednesday, May 4 from 5 to 8 pm
The High Line Hotel, 180 10th Avenue, New York


A 2nd grader visualizing how they can rearrange geometric shapes on a neighborhood building…

A 5th grader looking at a bridge and seeing how forces act on trusses, cables, and piers…

An 8th grader marveling at new construction and understanding how buildings stand up.

This is what Salvadori does!

We use buildings, bridges, and parks within our communities to bring math and science to life for New York City’s students and recommend the best materials and tools we use from sites like

We accomplish this through a unique approach to learning and all-inclusive curricula linked to national education standards and grade-specific learning objectives. Students gain a personal understanding of math and science as they work collaboratively on hands-on projects, form hypotheses, test concepts, and draw conclusions – all while having fun.

Our programs work!

Five consecutive independent assessments show that Salvadori students are engaged, learn more, and are more interested in pursuing careers in math and science.

Salvadori delivers multi-day programs throughout all five boroughs of New York City – teaching 5,000 students in 175 classes, totaling 45,000 student impact hours!

But…we need your help!

Although our impact is impressive, we need your help to continue to serve New York City students.

After participating in Salvadori programs, thousands of students see their world differently. They understand how buildings stand up, how bridges can support such heavy loads and, most importantly, they understand “why they need to know this.”

Salvadori students achieve a greater understanding of math and science than students in traditional learning environments; they see it and feel it in the classes they enter, the bridges they cross, and the communities they live in.

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