Party Pics: Compassion, Fashion, and Cocktails

photo by Moxie Strategies

photo by Moxie Strategies

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Godfrey Hotel, October 29th 5:30-10pm

Israel Idonije knows how to throw a great party besides being an amazing retired NFL champion! Starting early evening with an open bar, hundreds of Chicagoans came out on this brisk evening to warm up. Food stands served amazing savory and sweet local delights. Restaurants participated with delectable dishes from gourmet pork shoulders to little flower shaped cupcakes.

Heritage Wine cellars provided wines for the wine tasting led by advanced sommelier Jim Bube.

Models walked the runway with gorgeous styles for men and women by Zadig & Voltaire. Eleven models walked the runway with easy to wear bold looks. The floor was packed, standing room only. After the show, people stuck around the Godfrey hotel’s stunning rooftop terrace to chill in the lounge under the stars.

Compassion, Fashion, and Cocktails benefited The Isreal Idonije Foundation which helps children in underserved communities by providing programs focused on social and emotional life skills. It serves communities in Chicago, Winnipeg and West Africa – all the places Idonije has called home.