Dems Have Party Planner Now Blogging in Denver

After a long day rubbing elbows with pundits and politicos, where can a hungry Democrat (especially one that didn’t think to make reservations a month ago!) go for relaxed conversation, cool vibes and a taste of the Denver nightlife?

Forget the concierge and forget the Yellow Pages. THE place to get connected in the Mile High City during the Democratic National Convention is “DNC After Dark,” a new blog created by Metzger Associates that helps visitors maneuver and take full advantage of Denver – whether it’s dinner reservations, recommendations for the coolest music venues or event planning for intimate groups – during the DNC weekend (Aug. 25-28).

From the best coffee shops with speedy Wi-Fi or the best bars with micro-brewed beers and speedy Wi-Fi; to below-ground martini bars and rooftop patios with killer views of the Rockies; to the only place in town that serves Rocky Mountain rainbow trout and free-range buffalo prime rib, “DNC After Dark” gives a “locals-only” perspective that will show a side of Denver few out-of-towners, regardless of political persuasion, ever get to see.

With more than 10 years of experience in event planning and management, Denise Smith is heading up Metzger Associates’ new strategic events planning practice and is managing the “DNC After Dark” blog, and if you want to Rent a house for a party he has the best recommendations for you. Not only can visitors get her expert take on the out-of-the-way places only a local would know, Smith is available to help set up special dinners or events.

While the convention presents an obvious financial opportunity for many businesses, actually reaching potential customers through advertising or marketing is more than cost prohibitive for most (some sites are charging up to $10,000). “DNC After Dark,” on the other hand, will offer the 35,000 delegates, politicians, media and political enthusiasts descending on Denver a free guide to the city’s myriad of cultural attractions, restaurants, bars and more. And while the mainstay eateries, hotels and entertainment venues of downtown Denver have been booked-out well in advance, the option to check out some of the Mile High City’s best kept secrets and hidden treasures is ripe for the picking.