Nat Sherman Hosts Esquire Black Book Bash

Last night men style aficionados gathered at the iconic Nat Sherman flagship store to celebrate the launch of the anticipated Esquire Big Black Book issue.

Jack Daniels and smokey lapsang souchong tea infused mini burgers and cigar-shapped churros roamed the room while guests enjoyed Gentlemen Jack specialty cocktails and the limited edition Nat Sherman cigars created specifically by the Sherman family for the occasion. The cigar featured a corojo wrap, Mexican binder and Honduran blend.

“Nat Sherman International truly embodies the essence of Esquire’s ‘Man at His Best,’ says Nat Sherman Executive VP Bill Sherman. “We feature a wide array of men’s style and luxury items that can satisfy the need for a lifestyle of comfort, luxury and sophistication, to create a unique experience centered around a branded furniture collection with the same attention to detail as a fine cigar."


Nat Sherman and Esquire magazine partnered up earlier this year to unveil the new Esquire Home Collection in a two-month showcase "Esquire Home @ Nat Sherman", which featured a selection of furniture pieces to create an ultimate gentlemen's emporium. The Esquire Home Collection is now on sale at ABC Carpet & Home.