“My YOUniverse According to Dharma” By: Beatriz Roche

Author Beatriz Roche has published an inspirational book about her transformative journey to enlightenment in which she invites readers to awaken their spirits, discover their universal truth, and tap into their limitless inner power.
In “My YOUniverse According to Dharma,” Roche shares her experience crossing paths with her late, close friend, Yelitza, in a dream and again later in Roche’s meditation. Through these encounters, Yelitza introduced Roche to Dharma, leading Roche to channel this highly evolved, nonphysical consciousness.
Roche’s book delivers what she learned as a receptor and translator for this energy and explores topics such as how the world was populated, how people perceive time, what dark and light forces exist in the universe, how people are absolute creators of their reality using their conscious and subconscious thoughts and emotions, and how loving oneself is fundamental to everything.
(Bio by Danielle Grobmeier, LAVIDGE Publicity)

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