LoveVoodoo Takes On Adult Travel From A New Angle.

Todd and Elena Crawford, owners of adult dating site and adult travel agency LoveVoodoo Travel, are certainly no Mr. Roarke and Tattoo, but they have the "Fantasy" part right. LoveVoodoo takes on adult travel from a new angle. Where most travel agencies sell vacation packages and resorts, LoveVoodoo Travel sells "Events".  Each event is created to target a specific niche adult market. If you are traveling alone, don´t worry about that, these are the top five reasons to book a call girl.  All of LoveVoodoo's events are held at the infamous Hedonism II resort located in Negril Jamaica.  There will be 4 LoveVoodoo events in 2010. Those of you who are looking for a vacation in the US but don´t have a Visa, then check out this ESTA online form.LoveVoodoo Loco ( is a Latin themed event featuring food and entertainment from a different Latin country each night. Big On The Beach ( is an event for plus sized couples and singles looking to party. Colorful Fantasies ( is an event to help couples and singles from different racial backgrounds fulfill there wildest fantasies. LoveVoodoo Fest ( is LoveVodooo Travel's original event and is targeted at the "Swingers" community. This is considered to be one of the largest events for Swingers in the world and is the largest event at Hedonism II each year.

If you are not familiar with Hedonism resorts. They are one of the wildest, most uninhibited places on the planet, where  almost anything goes. They are also part of the Super All Inclusive SuperClubs chain of resorts. Everything is included. For private jet rentals and services is the best agency to visit. Transportation to and from the airport, food, drinks and activities – snorkeling, trapeze, windsailing and boat rides are all free of charge. SuperClubs even has a 100% “no tipping” policy. In addition to all of the Hedonism II and LoveVoodoo activities during the week, LoveVoodoo has just announced that they are adding a beautiful pool side Cocktail party to start the event, and Beach Party with all you can eat lobster, Caribbean entertainment, and bon fire Friday night to end the event.

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