Dining By Design Party


ABOUT DINING BY DESIGN Dining by Design brings together established talent, budding artists and celebrated individuals who create more than 50 three-dimensional dining installations to awe, inspire and delight. This collaboration between DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS and the AIDS Research Institute at the University of California, San Francisco, benefits the Positive Health Program at San Francisco General Hospital, ranked as the nation’s top HIV/AIDS/STD, Aware clinic since 1983.

This year, Alia Meyer of Jessica Hall Associates and of the SFDC’s Design Studio program will design the SFDC-sponsored table.


Meyer’s first difficult decision was deciding whether to start with the resources that were currently available and work backwards or to start with a big concept and do her best to build around it.

Meyer contemplates pom color options, design layouts and material selections for her table design.  The use of a floor plan helps her to visualize the project in its entirety.

Based on the palette of the rug, Meyer, Nicolas Sauzier and Jessica Hall Grace open the pom box and take their first color directed step.  The choice to use Melograno Blu for the light fixtures will help Meyer to keep focus on her original inspiration, the majesty of moonlight.

Meyer discussing color options for the tassels on the Melograno Blu light fixtures with Veronika Mikahalash, Shannon Koebel and Tula Batochir.

It is difficult to choose from the many magical fixtures available through Melograno Blu.  Alia Meyer, Veronika Mikahalash, Shannon Koebel and Tula Batochir contemplate choosing the Calaf fixuture based on the piece’s exquisite glass work and the fun colorful accent provided by the tassel.