Goes Nuts!

Chileangourmet, an environmentally and socially responsible producer of indigenous gourmet foods from Chile, today introduces Genuina toasted Avellano nuts. Avellanos, while virtually unheard of in America, have been a staple nut of the Mapuche people in Araucanía region of Chile for centuries. “Avellano nuts are just one of many indigenous Chilean foods yet to be experienced in America,” says Paulina Peñaloza, co-founder of Chilieangourmet. “Avellanos that been enjoyed by the Mapuche people for hundreds of years, prized for their high protein, fiber and ability to help lower cholesterol.” The Avellano (Gevuina Avellana Mol) is a tree species growing up to 20 meters in height. The nuts from the Avellano tree have also been used to make flours and oils, all which have excellent antioxidant qualities. “When you buy a package of our Genuina you are supporting 30 Mapuche women collectors who harvest these healthy nuts by hand,” adds Paulina. Genuina toasted Chilean native nuts are available for $TBD (3.5oz./100gr.) at specialty gourmet food markets nationwide. About Chileangourmet Founded in 2005 by Paulina Peñaloza and Roberto Manieu, Chileangourmet is an environmentally and socially responsible producer of indigenous 100% Chilean spices, oils, raw honey, nuts and other gourmet foodstuffs. Headquartered in Santiago Chile, Chileangourmet follows an open book policy and pays fair trade prices to their producers for the raw materials; a practice that helps support century-old sustainable farming traditions and respect for the environment. Chileangourmet is represented exclusively in the U.S. by Culinary Collective an importer and distributor of gourmet cultural foods based in Seattle. Washington. For more information and recipe ideas please visit or