Karma: A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny, by Sadhguru

For the first time, New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru, unravels the existential mechanism of karma. The popular misinterpretation of karma as a reward and punishment system leaves most people in despair as if nothing is truly in their control. Karma is a profound tell-all book on the word for the modern era and the most empowering tool for human wellbeing.

“People in civilized society carry a great deal of unexpressed emotion within. Now, if emotions never find full expression, the energy can turn around and become deeply damaging to one’s health and well-being. This accounts for the upswing of depression and mental illness across the world.” – Excerpt from Page – 84

“After years of polluting our planet and refusing to change lifestyles, is it any wonder that so many other diseases are rampant in our world today? Are we not collectively responsible for these?” – Excerpt from Page – 47

“Education, parentage, and pedigree were socially significant, but never existentially significant. What was valued was this profound innate intelligence – a capacity to perceive existence as is, rather than as we think it is or should be.” – Excerpt Pg 95

Reviews for the Karma book:

“Karma brings me to a place of peace within myself.”- Rosanna Arquette

“Karma is a thoughtful and life-affirming reminder of our vast capacity to effect positive change in our own life and in the life of others. A must-read for anyone feeling stuck and hopeless.”- Tony Robbins

“Full of valuable insights to guide you to live a life of fulfillment.”-Will Smith

“The key to unlocking your truth… to connect with your inner wisdom.” -HRH Princess Noor Bint Asem of Jordan

“At last a book about karma that can be trusted. I never found a book that explains and solves the mystery of karma with clarity and hopefulness of this book.” -Deepak Chopra

“This book will put you back in charge of your own life.”- Tom Brady