Iranians Now Biggest Gamblers in Asia, Says British Gaming Company

Data gathered from Internet gambling companies over the past few weeks indicates that Iranians are the biggest gamblers in Asia. The figures, gathered by a British gaming company show a marked rise in the number of website hits from the Islamic Republic of Iran and in the amount people from the country are willing to spend. In order to understand and increase sales in their Asian market, Rummy Royal, which operates games of skill sites in Asia, Europe and the USA, carried out a comparative market survey on its sites throughout Asia.

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The survey calculated the ratio of gamblers and skill players in relation to the population. The weighting of the data includes two logarithms: 1) The quantity of players relative to the population of the country, and 2) the quantity of money spent by the average gambler on the Internet. In examining these two sets of data, the Iranians surpass any citizen anywhere in Asia. About 23 % of the gamblers registered at Rummy Royal’s sites were Iranian, 14 % were Chinese, 13.5 % were Japanese, 10.5 % were from the Indian subcontinent, 9.5 % of the gamblers were Thai, 8 % were Russian, 6.4 % were South Korean, 5.2 % were Indonesian, 4 % were Kuwaitis, 3.2 % were from the U. A. E. and only 2.7 % were from Lebanon. If you want nothing but the safest gaming conditions across the online casino uk slot game. Wizard Slotsis dedicated to providing you with nothing but the highest quality of games on the market from recognised global games providers.

The survey conducted by Rummy Royal in Europe shows that the British are the leaders in games of skill over the Internet, closely followed by the Romanians, with the French in third, Italians in fourth and the Irish in fifth. “We conducted a comprehensive survey through our wide Internet Deployment,” Sasha Arkin Rummy Royal’s game room manager explains. “And we discovered, to our amazement, that the Iranians spend millions of dollars on games of skill, at a much higher rate for a population of 66 million, even eclipsing China, which has a population of 1.3 billion, the highest population in the world!” “From the tests that we carried out regarding the meteoric rise of the Iranians in Internet gambling, by means of the examination of messages which they leave in Forums, we reached the conclusion that, in games of chance over the Internet, the Iranians can talk, play and gamble with Americans, Israelis, the British and the French at the very same table. Thus, through the exchange of messages and money, they are breaking out of their isolation imposed by the State,” says Arkin, Rummy Royal game room manager.