Farmers Market Looking For Memory Lane

In anticipation of a year-long celebration of its 75th Anniversary starting January, 2009, the Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles is seeking materials from visitors whose experiences at the Market helped make the cherished venue an essential part of Los Angeles.

“We know that tourists and locals alike have great memories of their times at the Market,” says Ilysha Buss, Farmers Market Marketing Manager. “We have our own extensive archive to draw upon as we prepare to celebrate 75 years in Los Angeles, but we know that many of those who cherish the Market have their own memories, stories, photographs and other memorabilia, too. We are asking one and all to share their memories of the Market with us.

“Everyone has their own special sense of the Market. We know that couples have met and courted here, we know that generations of children grew up with the Market as a central part of their lives,” Ms. Buss says. “Regular groups have gathered here for decades, friendships have formed and grown and countless families have turned the Market into their second living room. These are the stories and photos we're asking our customers to share and, in return, we'll share as many memories as we can with those who celebrate with us.”

The memories submitted to the Market will become part of a year-long 75th Anniversary celebration which begins in January, 2009. In addition to Memory Boards which will be displayed at several locations in Farmers Market, Market Memories submitted by the public will also be included in a special 75th Anniversary section of the Farmers Market website,

Photographs, recollections, favorite Market stories and other memories of the Market, no more than 250 words each, can be sent to Marketing / Market Memories at 6333 West Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90036 or submitted to The Farmers Market Office, located at the top of the staircase just inside Gate One at the Market, will also be accepting submissions.

Contributors are encouraged to make copies of photographs or other unique items they submit since submissions to the Market Memories campaign cannot be returned.

Updates on the Market's 75th Anniversary celebration will be posted at on a regular basis throughout the year-long tribute.