Helping Homeless Women – NYC

You see them. You may look the other way, cross the street so you won’t go near them, or avoid them in some other way, but the chances are you do your best to ignore them.

Astoria resident Mickey Zezima doesn’t do that. Quite the opposite. For the last 6 months he’s been doing daily rounds, visiting homeless women and giving them the things they need to get by.

It’s a fascinating story, and it’s attracted some attention; he

Pix 11: Queens man changes lives of homeless women … donating minor essentials

NY1: Queens person of the week helps homeless women

Mickey wrote an article for Countercurrents back around Christmas:

As you all know, I tried the “activism” thing. I really tried.

But now, I’m ready to focus my energies on two things desperately needed in the Trump Era: cultivating serious resistance and providing support for the most vulnerable. I also want to do something specifically for the largest oppressed group on earth: females.

With those last two goals in mind, I created Female Oriented Relief (FOR). The aim of this project is fundamental: I’m raising money to buy supplies I can hand out in person to homeless women in NYC. I’ve done it before on a smaller scale out of my own pocket, but now I want to help as many women as possible. To do that, I need your help. Even one dollar can make a difference! All funds donated will go directly towards to purchasing supplies and durable bags for those supplies. I call these bags “FOR packs”!

Woman are most often victimized. Homeless people, in general, are ignored or dehumanized. Homeless women? They might as well be invisible. 

Some women want to talk. Others keep our interactions to the minimum. Some decline the offer. Others take the bag but make it clear that they want me to leave afterwards. I recall a woman who would not make eye contact. I walked up slowly and tried to explain what was in the bag. She cut me off and asked: “Is that for me?” I nodded and handed it to her. I tried to ask if there was anything she needed but she cut me off and said firmly: “Have a nice day.” The whole time, no eye contact. I hate to think what may have happened to inspire such dread on her part but I’m glad I was at least able to offer her something useful. 

Read the whole article here.

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Mickey Z’s blog is here.