Britney Spears Unveils Hidden fantasy Fragrance Ad

Britney Spears is unveiling the national ad for her fragrance HIDDEN fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS(TM) today. This is the newest addition to her fragrance collection from Elizabeth Arden and follows her globally successful fragrances, Curious BRITNEY SPEARS, Fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS, and BRITNEY SPEARS Believe. HIDDEN fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS(TM) will be available in January 2009.

“I'm so excited for everyone to see what I've been working on for HIDDEN fantasy,” said Britney. “I just love the ad! It's sexy and mysterious, and really represents what the fragrance means. My fans are so supportive of all of my fragrances, and I can't wait for them to try this one.”

HIDDEN fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS(TM) is a seductive scent that is all about expressing the many mysterious sides of a woman. In the ad, Britney appears through the trees of an alluring forest, and asks, “What do you have to hideä” daring you to share your hidden fantasy. The cherry red HIDDEN fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS(TM) bottle is decorated with luminous pink crystals, symbolizing love, femininity and warmth.