Birddogs Shorts

New York based ecommerce brand, Birddogs Shorts, teamed up with the new-age “Wolf of Wall Street bro’s” for their 3rd Annual 4th of July Champagne Sprayathon to celebrate America’s birthday and the launch of their 2015 Free the Bird Shorts collection.
This year’s event was hosted at a 100 acre Sag Harbor Hamptons Estate that included two private ponds for zorbing battles, an Olympic size pool complete with life-guard, the world’s largest residential hot tub, dunk tanks, slip n slides, and over 5,000 magnums of champagne (that’s enough suds to fill the Orca Tank at Sea World) to cool down all of that patriotic fervor.
Birddogs Shorts is a New York based ecommerce sports apparel brand that created athletic shorts that men are wearing to the office, on dates, to parties, and sometimes the gym.