Betsy Hotel To reopen Dec. 2008

The Betsy Hotel is scheduled to open her doors after a complete renovation in December of 2008. With all-new interior and marvelously appointed suites and guestrooms, The Betsy will be the freshest face in Miami Beach—a serene and luxurious escape offering an experience unparalleled in South Beach. Looking to create new and innovative concepts for guests to experience, The Betsy is taking a look at the traditional evening pillow-top amenity. For decades, travelers have grown accustom to being welcomed into their rooms and suites by a small, cold lump of chocolate resting on their pillows. Generally, one of two things happens. The chocolate is either consumed immediately, or tossed into the trashcan by more figure-conscious individuals hoping to spare themselves the extra calories. Regardless, it rarely survives the night. The Betsy has decided to spruce up the age-old tradition of pillow chocolate, just as they have decided to revive and invigorate virtually every aspect of their newly renovated luxury hotel. Instead of chocolate, The Betsy will welcome guests into her 63 superbly decorated, luxuriously comfortable rooms with wildflower encrusted bookmarks. Reflecting The Betsy’s commitment to protecting the environment, each of the bookmarks will be made from 100% post-consumer junk mail, adorned with poetry and embedded with wildflower seeds. This is a pillow-top present that is sure to survive the night. Put the bookmark in your favorite book and take it down to the beach as you rest in the warm sun and soak in the beauty of the pristine white sand beaches. When planted in soil and watered, the bookmark’s recycled paper will biodegrade and in just a few short weeks you will be left with a beautiful cluster of fresh flowers to remember your vacation beneath the sun.

Combining equal parts traditional hospitality and warm, relaxed service, The Betsy’s goal is “to be at once completely comfortable and familiar, yet create an undeniable mark which would make The Betsy standout from other hotels in Miami Beach,” says Jon Wubbena, General Manager of The Betsy. Opened initially in 1942, the hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and was designed by L. Murray Dixon, known as the father of the South Beach’s dominant Tropical Art Deco style. Just as she has done in the past, The Betsy is continually reasserting herself as the freshest face in Miami Beach, brightening classic concepts with new ideas. In addition to spectacular decor and attention to detail, every room and suite at The Betsy combines the technology of today blended seamlessly with the architecture and grace of yesteryear. And for those pillow-top chocolate lovers who crave a late-night fix, don’t be distraught, as The Betsy provides a chocolate selection to satiate your sweet tooth as part of your in-room amenity basket. Serving as a timeless alternative to ephemeral trends and artificial flash, The Betsy will resonate with true luxury and authentic sophistication, setting an enduring new standard for South Beach chic and attracting savvy leisure travelers to return again and again.