All That Jazz

Launched in 2006 by Tamara Saretsky and Delicia Soliman, TeaZazz Sparkling Tea is the perfect combination of “better-for-you” tea with the sparkling fun of soda offering a refreshing alternative to the conventional soft drink. In a market overwhelmed by water and energy drinks, they conceived the idea of adding carbonation to one of the hottest growing beverages available today; Tea.

They created an exhilarating beverage that is not only a healthier alternative to soda, but a new way for tea drinkers to enjoy their tea. TeaZazz offers the best of both worlds—a hybrid drink, that bridges the gap between the “fun” of soft drinks and the “good for you” elements of tea.

TeaZazz is available in four delicious varieties: Original, Green Tea Lemon, Green Tea Mint and Peach. The suggested retail price for a 20 oz. bottle of TeaZazz is $1.69. TeaZazz also makes a great cocktail mixer for any event! For more information and TeaZazz cocktail recipes, please go to