Hottest Websites for Men

The editors at decided to dive into the sea of men’s interest magazine websites and surface with the top five best catches based on visual appeal/design, functionality and usefulness of information. Clearly, some publishers pour more money into their digital extensions than others, so we tried to look at all men’s magazine sites, not just the “big fish”. Here’s what we came up with:

1. “There is nothing that can be marketed that cannot be better marketed using the voice of James Earl Jones,” reads Esquire Rule #154 as the ever-changing rules scroll across the top of the screen. Need we say more? Esquire’s clever tone and full but organized site is a perfect compliment to the print.

In addition to the aforesaid ticker of stereotypical male musings, the site also boasts several dynamic micro-sites, including “Best Bars in America,” “The Cube,” and “Best Dressed Contest.” 2. The brainchild of urban fashion mogul Marc Ecko, is a great site for fashion-savvy young men as well as (semi) regular Joes. With a section exclusively dedicated to sneakers, Ecko is targeting a smaller sect within the male demographic as if it were mainstream, which we find to be deliciously bold.



  • City Guide and Entertainment pages help Complex readers see beyond the clothing racks.
      3. ESPN: The Magazine (Through Representing such a sizeable print publication online can easily lead to a cluttered homepage, the sports giant gives its featured content some much-needed breathing room and stunning graphic appeal.
    • At the very top of the page (even above the featured stories) is a nifty world map with icons that expand into recent news stories and videos—a seamless combination of intuitive design and external linkage.  4. Men’s
    A site that features physical/mental wellness tips, men’s relationship advice and a style guide is a rare breed indeed, but if anyone can pull it off it’s Rodale. The site draws in readers not only with its standalone articles but its wealth of regular feature sections and quick tips. doesn’t even need to flex to show us that it’s in really great shape.
    • Featuring one free new exercise video daily (with no pre-roll), the site as a whole is both expedient and relevant to today’s health-conscious man. 5. GQ ( GQ’s site is equally as multifaceted the print mag, but with stories organized by category and content previews on the homepage. The best part about the site is fonts/colors that pop and sexy visual appeal.   The stories themselves are thorough and diverse —but with a seemingly endless supply of practical advice columns. GQ is all about telling it’s readers how to become more GQ, which  is simple branding perfection.