AcuRite®, the leader in weather monitoring and forecasting products, is pleased to announce its line of Multi-Sensor Monitoring Products.

Augmenting AcuRite’s proven weather measuring and prediction technologies, the Multi-Sensor line enables home owners, hobbyists, small business owners, and more to customize a system that delivers a crystal-clear picture of the indoor and/or outdoor conditions affecting the things that matter most.

“Today’s consumers are looking for actionable information,” explained Chaney Instrument Company Senior Marketing Director Kara Lineal. “Whether they’re worried about mold and allergens, watching for leaks, planting a garden, taking care of exotic pets, or wanting to save on energy bills, an AcuRite Multi-Sensor Station gives them the information they need to make intelligent decisions and take action when necessary.”

AcuRite’s Multi-Sensor Line is designed to meet any budget and set of monitoring requirements. Following is a brief overview of the various product levels:

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