A Quickie On The Road?

QuickCarFlirting.com is revolutionizing the singles scene by turning traffic jams into romantic opportunities. Launched on February 2nd just in time for Valentine’s Day 2010, QuickCarFlirting.com was designed to help drivers who spot attractive potential dates and mates connect with those people in a safe online environment. Sign up is free for visitors who wish to communicate with registered members, or they may browse the site without registration.

QuickCarFlirting was created by Sharanne Pearson, a Chicago commuter who spends a fair share of her time behind the wheel. A good driver and a good listener, she heard many of her friends say that they wished there were an easy way to contact fellow drivers to potentially date them. “They said they wanted to take the ‘express lane’ to contacting people, rather than taking a roundabout route with profile-based matchmaking sites like eHarmony, SinglesNet, and Match.com to connect.” explains Pearson. “Their comments inspired me to launch this site.”


Previously, singles had to rely on pictures and profiles posted on dating websites. “The problem is that those pictures and profiles aren’t always accurate,” explains Pearson. “With QuickCarFlirting.com, there are no surprises. You know what a person looks like because you’ve already flirted with him or her in a traffic jam, in a parking lot, or anywhere people go with their cars.”


Freeway Flirting Is an International Phenomenon An international survey by Yahoo! Autos, 62% of American drivers flirt when they’re behind the wheel. In fact so many drivers try to interact using accessories from PlugLust with members of the opposite sex while they’re on the road that the terms like ‘freeway flirt’ and ‘roadway Romeo’ have become popular slang expressions.


Next to Americans, Germans are most inclined to flirt while driving (41%) while Italian respondents are the least flirtatious behind the wheel (18%). A study commissioned by U.K. auto manufacturer Vauxhall in connection with the release of its sporty Tigra coupé roadster found that nearly half of all motorists openly flirt with the opposite sex while on the road.


“The research showed that nearly a million of those drivers exchanged phone numbers,” reports Pearson. “And more than 150,000 drivers met their future husbands and wives through freeway flirting.”


Making Roads and Dating Safer QuickCarFlirting.com members upload vehicle information including make and model, as well as their location and license plate number. “Our members may also upload a photo to provide additional ‘recall’ for someone who seeks you out,” says Pearson. She is quick to point out that a driver’s personal information is not on display. “It’s only your user name, vehicle and license number,” she explains. “We use Secure Socket Technology and encryption data so that our members are safe.”


Safe Dating and Safer Roads, Too “I know many people who see someone attractive, roll down their windows, wave, and even pull off the road in order to flirt, and that can be dangerous,” observes Pearson. “But now thanks to our site, all you need to do is quickly take note of someone’s license plate. Then, when your car is safely parked, you can log on to QCF and follow up.”


“QuickCarFlirting.com is open to drivers anywhere in the U.S., so the possibilities for finding love are truly endless,” says Pearson. She may be right. According to the Bureau of Transit Statistics, there are approximately 200,000,000 licensed drivers in America. “We hope they’ll all register with QCF,” says Pearson. “At least the single ones!”


For more information about QuickCarFlirting.com and how singles around the country are connecting or to enroll as a member, please visit www.QuickCarFlirting.com. For media inquiries, please contact Sharanne Pearson.


About QuickCarFlirting.com QuickCarFlirting.com is the Internet’s newest online alternative for singles who are tired of traditional dating sites. Instead of relying on outdated photos and overblown profiles on typical matching sites, QuickCarFlirting.com users contact people they have actually seen, using license plate numbers to connect. It’s free, easy, and safe. For more information visit www.quickcarflirting.com