Best 4th of July Fireworks Will Be at Inner Harbor

Best 4th of July Fireworks in Baltimore, MD: Inner Harbor  

Fireworks displays will be seen all over Baltimore, MD this Fourth of July.

July 4th is a great day to celebrate! First of all, it's a day off of work, anyway you look at it. Second, its patriotic. You get a chance to show off your American spirit by wearing red, white and blue clothes and making patriotic themed decorations. And, the best part of this historically significant day is the fireworks that take place in the evening. Every town in America has fireworks– they're everywhere! You can find them in lake resorts, by the beach, out in fields, at festivals, and just about anywhere else families and children gather. With all of these choices, how do you decide which ones to watch? If you live in Baltimore, or in the surrounding area to include Washington, DC, you will have a decision to make. Will you pick some remote location or will you go where the action is? I personally would pick where the action is. The Inner Harbor is definitely the place to be for the July 4th celebration of fireworks each year. This event attracts crowds into the millions! Live music takes place with live radio broadcasting. The fireworks can be viewed from many different areas. And, you're in the Inner Harbor! This location has great restaurants, and there are plenty of places to stay overnight if you come from a distance…. What's happening this year for July 4th in the Inner Harbor The Independence Day celebration begins at noon and lasts until the fireworks are over at 10 pm. Live music will take place all day! The music will be played at the Inner Harbor Ampitheatre, which is found at the corner of Light Street and Pratt Street in Baltimore. From noon to four pm, street performers will perform. Then, at four pm,Almost Recess takes the stage, followed by jazz musician David Bach at 7 pm.