Louis XIII Rare Cask de Rémy Martin arrives at Rick’s Cabaret in NYC

Connoisseurs of fine cognac can now enjoy a snifter of one of the finest in the world – Louis XIII Rare Cask de Rémy Martin – when they visit Rick’s Cabaret in New York City or the Next Level of Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami. Both of the adult nightclubs are part of the Rick’s Cabaret International, Inc. (NASDAQ: RICK) publicly traded nationwide group of upscale gentlemen’s clubs.




A special decanter of the rare cognac will be delivered Wednesday night at 8:30 pm to Rick’s Cabaret at 50 West 33rd Street in Manhattan, by an armored truck with three guards.  Two cabaret entertainers will then escort the cask through the club, before placing it in a special Louis XIII Tower in the third floor VIP suite, just in time for an elegant welcoming party from 7-10 pm.




“Spirit experts say the Louis XIII Rare Cask is one of the finest cognacs ever produced and also one of the rarest. We are thrilled that we have been chosen by Remy Cointreau as one of the few venues in the country that have the privilege to serve it,” said Ed Anakar, Director of Operations for Rick’s Cabaret. “We have purchased three decanters so that snifters will be available to those who want to enjoy one of the finest liquors ever, and to do so while mingling with some of the most beautiful women in the world.”




This cognac with a deep amber color was discovered by the Remy Martin cellar master Pierrette Trichet, who describes it as “a miracle, an accident of nature.” The rare cask cognac is aged up to 100 years and has been bottled in 786 exclusive, hand-crafted, true Baccarat black crystal decanters, each of which required the work of 20 people to make.


Noted wine writer Brian Freedman has called it “unquestionably the single greatest spirit I’ve ever tasted. Swirling it and putting my nose in the glass brought to mind images of Alice falling through the looking glass: Aromas of white and milk chocolate, mushrooms, prunes, vanilla, spice, beeswax, sandalwood, and tobacco fluttered by and led to flavors that ran the gamut from prunes and figs to vanilla pod, more mushroom, and even a hint of mint.”




Rick’s Cabaret New York City, just across from the Empire State Building,  has been called the “best strip club in New York City” by Playboy. Snifters of cognac from the rare cask decanter will be served in the exclusive third-floor VIP suite in New York, while the spirit will be poured in the upscale Next Level at Tootsie’s, the company’s award-winning 74,000-square foot club in Miami Gardens.