Taming Josh’s Dragon by Debbie Sumner

“Taming Josh’s Dragon: A mother’s tale of a life too brief.” by Debbie Sumner is a moving memoir that takes readers on a mother’s journey with her son who faced a serious lung disease since birth. Sumner chronicles the birth of her son, Josh, to his lung transplant at age 13, to losing her son when he was 15. After losing her son, Sumner found it very difficult to heal, but she was eventually able to find peace by facing her grief in her own way. With her book, Sumner wishes to reach people who are facing similar life challenges such as those who need a transplant and parents of kids who have life-threatening illness/require a transplant. By sharing her own story, Sumner can provide comfort to readers and reassurance that they will also be able to find strength during and after these difficult times.

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