Summer Mixology Classes – Albert Trummer

Wednesday, July 17 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Bouley Test Kitchen, 31 West 21st Street Flatiron, NYC

Bar Chef / Chef’s Tasting
Wednesday, July 17th | 7:00pm – 10:00pm | A Midsummer Night’s Mixology
Wednesday, August 21st | 7:00pm – 10:00pm | Sayonara Summer Fete

Join ‘Bar Chef’ Albert Trummer in Bouley Test Kitchen to learn the elements of a well-made cocktail using different spirits, liquors and elixirs based on health remedies. During this interactive, social event you will learn to stir, shake and speak about 5 cocktails with authority while tasting healthy, decadent hors d’Oeuvres by Chef David Bouley and exploring the Test Kitchen and Chef’s Library.

Understand how organic and biodynamic ingredients harmoniously combine into one delicious drink perfect for summer enjoyment. Under the guidance of Albert, a leading authority on drinks and health, you will craft innovative new cocktails and discover your inner mixologist. Albert uses natural products of purist ingredients; for example, Elderflower is widely recognized by health practitioners as an herbal product with anti-inflammatory low-glycemic health benefits. For 2 cocktails, Albert will mix with Om Champagne Tea – one with Ginger Turmeric and another mixing Om’s Tres Limon kombucha flavors.

It was 1999 when the storied friendship of David Bouley and Albert Trummer took flight. The two paths crossed just before the opening of Bouley’s Viennese-inspired restaurant, The Danube, located then in TriBeca. Bouley had already hired exceptional Austrian chefs and waiters, the one thing missing was an Austrian behind the bar. In walked Trummer, bringing with him his inspired creativity and daring passion for mixology. Bouley watched as Trummer concocted a simplistic, yet piquant cocktail, adorned with gold flecks and an exotic ingredient not yet discovered by Manhattan’s bar community—elderflower.

Thus began a renaissance of drink making in New York, and a companionship for the ages. Trummer’s mission was to create drinks that had never been made before, and with Bouley as the visionary, his kitchen became Trummer’s lab. The pair took mixology from its most basic form–ice and shaking–and turned it into an artform. Trummer cooked his own syrups from scratch, had flowers and other ingredients shipped in from all over the globe, and his Danube creation soon became the signature cocktail of Bouley’s restaurant.

Bouley and Trummer have taken part in over 60 events around the world together. From the Paris Open to entertaining the royal family of Thailand, these two quixotic professionals have spent countless hours enrapturing onlookers with their crafts.

“With David’s knowledge of cuisine and his new style of French cooking, I became inspired by his philosophy on health and his ability to run a successful business,” said Trummer with a fond excitement to his voice, “After all our years of travel together, I learned from him and set out to start my first business.”

Albert Trummer Bio:

Albert Trummer is the leading authority on drinks and health. Trummer is the leading authority on drinks and health. His 2011 book, Cocktails won the Paris Gourmand Cookbook Award for Best In the World for Drinks and Health. He coined the term “bar chef,” after working with top chefs including David Bouley, Daniel Boulud, and Geoffrey Zakarian and brought kitchen techniques into the bar. He opened his first bar in New York City, Apotheke, where he created drinks out of herbs and botanicals.

His presentations and speeches make for lively, interactive, and interesting content for colleges, meetings, associations, and corporate events. Audience members learn intricate and exciting details on the medicinal role of alcohol in history and today, the health benefits of herbs, botanicals, and elixirs, and also receive instruction on how to make healthy cocktails. The material makes for an exciting presentation, and leaves audience members with takeaway information and basic supplies to take the knowledge home and share with their friends and family.

He has been making speeches and presentations on health and alcohol for several years, and recently presented at Lucky Rice 2012 at the Mandarin Oriental in New York City, and Barzone in Cologne, Germany. He opened his exclusive mixology school, Albert Trummer’s School of Cocktail Artistry & Mixology in 2011 and has conducted private lessons as well as corporate events for ABC, NBC, MTV, Bank of America, and others. He is able to conduct presentations in both English and German.

Jakob Trummer Bio:

If Jesus was born in a manger, then Jakob Trummer was born in a bar. Born into a family with a history steeped in hospitality ~ the Trummer family legacy in Austria dates back over a hundred years ~ Jakob developed and honed his talent as a world-class mixologist at a very young age. Once he stepped behind a bar for the first time at age 14, Jakob naturally dived deeper and deeper into the art of creating cocktails.

Under the tutelage and mentorship of such titans of industry as, James Beard Foundation Outstanding Chef award-winner, David Bouley, and his own father, legendary Bar Chef Albert Trummer, Jakob Trummer has been able to mold a style and philosophy based on a love of chemistry, balance, seasonality, natural sweeteners, and most importantly fresh, high quality ingredients.

Keeping in mind these core beliefs, we would like to introduce you to a brand new, 360-degree, sensory cocktail concept by Jakob Trummer. Using a specially curated bar program, his plan will guide clients through their five senses, taste / sight / scent / touch / sound, to give a totally unique immersive bar experience. The concept takes classic Austrian cocktail design and marries it with new experimental molecular mixology.

The Trummer concept has always been to take the art of the cocktail and with a pharmaceutical eye approach, make and shake it to new heights. Whether it’s leading your next event, or consulting for your bar or club, Jakob believes in bringing to fruition a cocktail vision that is high-end, creative, sexy and unique. Let’s not let one more second go to waste.

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