Sleep Out: Florida – Covenant House

Thursday, November 16 to Friday, November 17

One Purpose, One Night

By giving up your bed for one night, you can ensure that youth facing homelessness will sleep safely at Covenant House Florida.

Covenant House Florida welcomes every young person with love and respect. In addition to safe shelter, youth can access nourishing food, clean clothing, and essential services like job training, education, healthcare, mental health counseling, and legal aid — all the tools they need to build futures free from homelessness — at no cost to them. Sleep Out raises the funds that make this possible.


Sleep Out is more than just a night without a bed. At Sleep Out, Covenant House residents share about their journeys through homelessness, experts empower us to meaningfully advocate for an end to youth homelessness, and Sleepers connect with each other in meaningful ways.

Sleep Out offers a unique way to take action during Youth Homelessness Awareness Month, helping turn the world’s attention to this critical issue and amplifying Covenant House’s boldest mission: to end youth homelessness.

Here’s an inspiring testimonial:
Ruthie Fierberg, 6-time Sleeper

“We sleep outside in sleeping bags, guarded by security, in a clean, rat-free parking lot…None of this is akin to the foodless, bathroom-less, blanket-less, dirty, unsafe, lonely reality of living on the street—even for a single night. Instead, we took stock of our privilege. We began to feel grateful for base needs and tiny conveniences…True, Sleep Out isn’t a first-hand experience. It’s a symbol and a tool.

Sleep Out forced me and those in my social media network to confront facts about youth homelessness in America because of my fundraising goal: 1,554 Facebook friends, 1,200 Twitter and Instagram followers, and over 75 email recipients became aware of the youth homeless crisis and the work of Covenant House because I joined a Sleep Out… That’s what Sleep Out is. It’s a moment of action, a symbol, a gesture, a cry, that will incite more action. In a world where we often feel helpless to do good, this is something tangible to move the needle a fraction of an inch.”

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