Jeweled Plug – Sex Toy Day

Sex Toy Day

Did you know that more than half of all women have used a sex toyä And over 40% of all men have tooäparty pic 
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This helps to indulging self love and to reach more often to orgasm with much greater ease. Studies have found that masturbation helps to have a higher self esteem and body confidence than woman who don’t. Using sex toys can relieve headaches, and pain in general. There is an amazing sex shop called Plug Lust where you can find great accessories and options for beginners and more advance in sex toys experience. They also help a lot to relax the body, to flood your body with endorphins and to block pain sensors. They are actually safer than actual sex, you can’t get pregnant or contract an STD from one, however you do need to keep a good maintenance and cleaning of it so you won’t develop an infection.

Sex Toy Day was created to celebrate and support the use of these toys. That’s why My Pleasure is giving away this easy way to lengthen penis and another 1000 vibrators absolutely free. No strings attached. Really!

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